Friends Corner Christmas Bazaar


Join us for our annual Christmas Bazaar!
Come along & browse while the kids enjoy a magic show, face painting and get the chance to win a weekend away with your family at Kythira!
Sunday 1st December at Friends Corner, 10:00-15:00.


Happy Thanksgiving


It’s Thanksgiving Week and, at our Clubhouse, we’re very grateful..

Our Thankful Tree is flourishing with its ‘Leaves of Gratefulness’, and our Little Ones are blooming alongside it.

The week that passed saw the Friends Corner babies enjoy their massages and Yoga, as well as all the things they continue to discover at the Clubhouse.

Our Big Kiddies learned about the Five Senses. We went for a walk and used our hearing to listen to the sounds of nature, and those of the neighbourhood; from beeping horns to leaves crunching under our feet.

We used our sight to marvel at the pinecones and leaves we found, using our touch to feel them. We had a few sneezes when we used our Sense of Smell to sniff through many different herbs and spices.

And, we tried different flavours and textures from a Taste Plate, screwing up our faces when something sour hit our taste buds, and smiling broadly when something sweet came our way. To go with our taste experience, we drew our ‘Letter of the Week’ in icing sugar where, as expected, a couple of sneaky finger-licks were had.

Our Thursday Evening Club hosted the Pottery Workshop with great success. The children involved really enjoyed working on their creations and interacting with their brilliant tutor.

All in all, another great week at Friends Corner.

And so, here we are at Thanksgiving Week, getting into the spirit and grateful as always for all the wonderful things we live and learn every day.

We look forward to hosting the Friends Corner Christmas Bazaar, and getting into the Christmas groove. But, before that, we give thanks to one and all.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Thankful For Little Things

photo2363Let me tell you about the Friends Corner Thankful Tree..

So, our little ones took a sweet stroll around our neighbourhood and, while searching through the foliage, we found a discarded branch full of twigs. We brought it to the Clubhouse where it now takes pride of place as the beginnings of our Thankful Tree.

Everyday, the children think of things they are grateful for and add a leaf, for each piece of ‘gratefulness’, to the Thankful Tree. By Thanksgiving, we’re hoping to have a tree full of leaves, and a lot of gratitude for all that we have.

Alongside being thankful, we’ve been learning about ‘Little Things’.

We counted spiders, shaped worms out of dough, made an ant hill and some dragonflies, looked at ladybirds and bees, and buzzed around pretending to be mosquitoes.

We learned the difference between grasshoppers and crickets, we chirped like cicadas and we looked at the lifecycle of butterflies. To end our brilliant ‘Little Things’ theme, we made worms out of jelly that kept the children happy while they squeezed them out of straws. They tasted great, too!

And so we look forward to next week. Our Big Kiddies will be looking at The Senses, continuing their Olympic Sports Tuesdays, and having fun at their drama workshop. And, our Bonnie Babies will continue to thrive alongside them.

Come sit with us under our Thankful Tree.

Until next time..


Bonfire Night

photo(91)Just for fun, we decided to get together at the Friends Corner Evening Club to celebrate Bonfire Night. What transpired was a warm, enjoyable night that ticked all the ‘fun’ boxes.

Upon arrival, each child was welcomed with his/her very own ‘firework’, made with shiny streamers that sparkled in the night.

We were blessed with a sweet autumn evening. So, while mums and dads enjoyed a good old catch up under the crescent moon, the children’s laughter was matched by the fun they had running around, mostly after one another.

After a while, it was time for them to fill up on our take on some hearty Guy Fawkes Night food; Chilli.

Don’t worry, we kept the jalapeños far away from the kids’ dish, but it seems they (the jalapeños, that is) managed to find their way into ours. Yes, us parents had some Chilli too, and, boy, was it spicy!

A few dance moves and a dose of nachos later, it was time for the children to light their sparklers, wave them around in the air, and enjoy the show they were producing. What a wonderful sight! We had a lot of excitement, and some big smiles out there..

Then, out came a plate of goodies with some Bonfire Night favourites; Chocolate Biscuit Crunch, Cocoa Toffee, and marshmallows. It was – let’s say – rather popular.

And so, as the evening came to a close, we headed home feeling so lucky to have clocked up another precious memory made at this very special clubhouse.

Why not join us as we continue to make some more..

Until next time, keep on shining.


Zoo Time


So..we went to the Zoo..

The clear blue sky hosted a November sun that shone on us all day long at Attica Zoological Park.

Once all our Friends Corner families arrived, we begun our day with the Farm Animals Tour. This involved feeding the farm animals, petting them, and learning all about them. We had some very excited little people finding chicken eggs, asking questions, and hugging ferrets!

Our picnic lunch was eaten on the grass by the ‘African Savannah’ among the zebras and giraffes. It was a bountiful and fun family affair!

After some hearty treats and a few cartwheels on the grass, we spent the rest of the day seeing and learning about the diverse animals living at Attica Park.

We saw a Birds of Prey show, and enjoyed the ever-spectacular dolphins, who never fail to amaze.

As the day drew to a close, it was time to get to the Park’s playground for a little fun on the swings and climbing frames before heading home with some very tired, and very happy mums, dads, and Little Ones.

And, there ended our wonderful day at the Zoo..

The kids are still talking about it, as are the parents. In fact, many of us, big and small, can’t wait for our next field trip.. And, we’d love you to be there too.

Come along and join the fun. We’re just around the corner..


Olympic Torches, Dinosaurs, and a Happy Halloween.


And so another beautiful week has passed at Friends Corner. We’ve celebrated Halloween, learned about dinosaurs, run with Olympic torches, and watched our babies thrive through Yoga, activities and warmth.

Our Little Ones were inspired in more ways than one by the Olympic Torch. So much so, they even made their own. A day later, they sung about dinosaurs, painted a cut-out of one of these fascinating creatures and played the role of palaeontologists by digging up dinosaur bones.

Taking a break from dinosaurs, our Little Ones spent a day celebrating Halloween by dressing up, making spooky spiders, and diving into a special Halloween cake.

You couldn’t keep them away from dinosaurs for too long, though. After a happy Halloween, the children were back with the Friends Corner Drama Workshop where they acted out dinosaur scenes before making beautiful collages and prehistoric footprints with clay.

We also had our first Parental CPR seminar with Dr. Kristinsson. And, we can’t thank him enough for his insight, support, and teachings. We look forward to seeing more of the Doctor very soon.

Now, we’re all looking forward to next week and all the joy it brings. We’ll be lighting some sparklers for Bonfire Night, planning our next field trip, and looking to learn all about ‘Little Things’; spiders, worms, ants, and dragonflies.
But, first, we’re off to the Zoo..

See you at Friends Corner. Come along and share our love of learning.

Until next time…


Welcome to Tuesdays at Friends Corner

yogaHow on Earth did babies and Olympics come up in the same sentence? It’s just one of those Friends Corner things. You see on Tuesdays two of our amazing duty mums run parallel programmes keeping everyone from 0 to 5 and their mums happy!

Elda, our amazing midwife, certified birthlight yoga instructor and loving expert on all things baby and beyond, leads a great baby yoga class on Tuesday mornings! From bonding to baby giggles, there’s lots of positive energy filling our little club. Then the kiddies get to try their moves!

Meanwhile, Golden mum Sophia runs the Tuesday programme for toddlers and preschoolers focusing on athletics, the Olympic movement, that great sports feeling and celebrating our miraculous bodies. What more can one ask for?
Ask about our baby membership offering great value, baby fun and lots of loving support (pssst, no duty for new mums either) at fcglyfada@gmail.com or drop by (remember your first visit is free).
Keep warm and happy.