Olympic Torches, Dinosaurs, and a Happy Halloween.


And so another beautiful week has passed at Friends Corner. We’ve celebrated Halloween, learned about dinosaurs, run with Olympic torches, and watched our babies thrive through Yoga, activities and warmth.

Our Little Ones were inspired in more ways than one by the Olympic Torch. So much so, they even made their own. A day later, they sung about dinosaurs, painted a cut-out of one of these fascinating creatures and played the role of palaeontologists by digging up dinosaur bones.

Taking a break from dinosaurs, our Little Ones spent a day celebrating Halloween by dressing up, making spooky spiders, and diving into a special Halloween cake.

You couldn’t keep them away from dinosaurs for too long, though. After a happy Halloween, the children were back with the Friends Corner Drama Workshop where they acted out dinosaur scenes before making beautiful collages and prehistoric footprints with clay.

We also had our first Parental CPR seminar with Dr. Kristinsson. And, we can’t thank him enough for his insight, support, and teachings. We look forward to seeing more of the Doctor very soon.

Now, we’re all looking forward to next week and all the joy it brings. We’ll be lighting some sparklers for Bonfire Night, planning our next field trip, and looking to learn all about ‘Little Things’; spiders, worms, ants, and dragonflies.
But, first, we’re off to the Zoo..

See you at Friends Corner. Come along and share our love of learning.

Until next time…


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