Zoo Time


So..we went to the Zoo..

The clear blue sky hosted a November sun that shone on us all day long at Attica Zoological Park.

Once all our Friends Corner families arrived, we begun our day with the Farm Animals Tour. This involved feeding the farm animals, petting them, and learning all about them. We had some very excited little people finding chicken eggs, asking questions, and hugging ferrets!

Our picnic lunch was eaten on the grass by the ‘African Savannah’ among the zebras and giraffes. It was a bountiful and fun family affair!

After some hearty treats and a few cartwheels on the grass, we spent the rest of the day seeing and learning about the diverse animals living at Attica Park.

We saw a Birds of Prey show, and enjoyed the ever-spectacular dolphins, who never fail to amaze.

As the day drew to a close, it was time to get to the Park’s playground for a little fun on the swings and climbing frames before heading home with some very tired, and very happy mums, dads, and Little Ones.

And, there ended our wonderful day at the Zoo..

The kids are still talking about it, as are the parents. In fact, many of us, big and small, can’t wait for our next field trip.. And, we’d love you to be there too.

Come along and join the fun. We’re just around the corner..


One thought on “Zoo Time

  1. We loved this great Sunday at the Zoo! Thank you Friends’ Corner, and mostly Asseel for organizing this beautiful day for all of us! Looking forward to the next field trip!
    Friends’ Corner at its best!

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