Bonfire Night

photo(91)Just for fun, we decided to get together at the Friends Corner Evening Club to celebrate Bonfire Night. What transpired was a warm, enjoyable night that ticked all the ‘fun’ boxes.

Upon arrival, each child was welcomed with his/her very own ‘firework’, made with shiny streamers that sparkled in the night.

We were blessed with a sweet autumn evening. So, while mums and dads enjoyed a good old catch up under the crescent moon, the children’s laughter was matched by the fun they had running around, mostly after one another.

After a while, it was time for them to fill up on our take on some hearty Guy Fawkes Night food; Chilli.

Don’t worry, we kept the jalapeños far away from the kids’ dish, but it seems they (the jalapeños, that is) managed to find their way into ours. Yes, us parents had some Chilli too, and, boy, was it spicy!

A few dance moves and a dose of nachos later, it was time for the children to light their sparklers, wave them around in the air, and enjoy the show they were producing. What a wonderful sight! We had a lot of excitement, and some big smiles out there..

Then, out came a plate of goodies with some Bonfire Night favourites; Chocolate Biscuit Crunch, Cocoa Toffee, and marshmallows. It was – let’s say – rather popular.

And so, as the evening came to a close, we headed home feeling so lucky to have clocked up another precious memory made at this very special clubhouse.

Why not join us as we continue to make some more..

Until next time, keep on shining.


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