Thankful For Little Things

photo2363Let me tell you about the Friends Corner Thankful Tree..

So, our little ones took a sweet stroll around our neighbourhood and, while searching through the foliage, we found a discarded branch full of twigs. We brought it to the Clubhouse where it now takes pride of place as the beginnings of our Thankful Tree.

Everyday, the children think of things they are grateful for and add a leaf, for each piece of ‘gratefulness’, to the Thankful Tree. By Thanksgiving, we’re hoping to have a tree full of leaves, and a lot of gratitude for all that we have.

Alongside being thankful, we’ve been learning about ‘Little Things’.

We counted spiders, shaped worms out of dough, made an ant hill and some dragonflies, looked at ladybirds and bees, and buzzed around pretending to be mosquitoes.

We learned the difference between grasshoppers and crickets, we chirped like cicadas and we looked at the lifecycle of butterflies. To end our brilliant ‘Little Things’ theme, we made worms out of jelly that kept the children happy while they squeezed them out of straws. They tasted great, too!

And so we look forward to next week. Our Big Kiddies will be looking at The Senses, continuing their Olympic Sports Tuesdays, and having fun at their drama workshop. And, our Bonnie Babies will continue to thrive alongside them.

Come sit with us under our Thankful Tree.

Until next time..


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