Happy Thanksgiving


It’s Thanksgiving Week and, at our Clubhouse, we’re very grateful..

Our Thankful Tree is flourishing with its ‘Leaves of Gratefulness’, and our Little Ones are blooming alongside it.

The week that passed saw the Friends Corner babies enjoy their massages and Yoga, as well as all the things they continue to discover at the Clubhouse.

Our Big Kiddies learned about the Five Senses. We went for a walk and used our hearing to listen to the sounds of nature, and those of the neighbourhood; from beeping horns to leaves crunching under our feet.

We used our sight to marvel at the pinecones and leaves we found, using our touch to feel them. We had a few sneezes when we used our Sense of Smell to sniff through many different herbs and spices.

And, we tried different flavours and textures from a Taste Plate, screwing up our faces when something sour hit our taste buds, and smiling broadly when something sweet came our way. To go with our taste experience, we drew our ‘Letter of the Week’ in icing sugar where, as expected, a couple of sneaky finger-licks were had.

Our Thursday Evening Club hosted the Pottery Workshop with great success. The children involved really enjoyed working on their creations and interacting with their brilliant tutor.

All in all, another great week at Friends Corner.

And so, here we are at Thanksgiving Week, getting into the spirit and grateful as always for all the wonderful things we live and learn every day.

We look forward to hosting the Friends Corner Christmas Bazaar, and getting into the Christmas groove. But, before that, we give thanks to one and all.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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