Around The World And Back In Time For Santa


Every day’s a great day! That’s right. Well, it is round here at Friends Corner.

So here I am to tell you all about a magical week gone by..

We continued our ‘Food’ theme with ‘International Cuisine’. Our little ones begun their week by looking at various ingredients, foods, and dishes that originate somewhere other than Greece.

With the help of some additional visual and sensory aids, we transported our kids to beautiful Italy with the familiar shapes of pasta. Their time in China came courtesy of a bag of rice, and Mexico called as we showcased a red hot chilli pepper.

We moved down to Peru by feeling the texture and learning about quinoa. The colours of India and much of Asia, came alive with just a whiff of curry, and our snack was enjoyed in the Middle East as we feasted on zataar-smothered bread. Japan was great, we munched on yummy sushi and finished it all off!

And, finally, after smelling Hungarian spices, our final European stop served up English bread and butter pudding. Stuffed, and jet lagged!

After our food experience, we spent the next couple of days talking about our favourite foods while covering ourselves, and the Clubhouse, in spangles and sequins by making Christmas crafts. We even made snow. Yep. Kids + Craft Styrofoam = Snow!

Also, as always, we continued our Letter of the Week activities. This week we’ve been looking at the letter ‘J’. We drew it on paper and in sugar, we made a collage of it, we looked at words that begin with it, we even had a bit of Jam on our bread to celebrate it!

And then the day finally arrived for our fabulous field trip. Our little ones were invited to the very hospitable Renieris Bakery in Ano Glyfada where, among other things, they made bread. They’re still talking about the “magic” yeast that went into the mix.

The kids kneaded and floured, learned and liked. And we’d like to thank Renieris Bakery, and Mr. Nicos, who guided our little ones in their bread making experience, for such an amazing and unforgettable field trip. Thank you!

As the week drew to a close, we had our annual Christmas Party to look forward to.. and a very special visitor..

So, as Saturday morning came round, there were some very excited children in the Glyfada area.

Once again, our clubhouse didn’t let us down as it transformed into Funtime Central! Old faces, new faces, happy faces, Christmas Cheer, good vibes, gingerbread houses, yummy treats, and.. Ho, ho, ho.. Santa!

Those excited children I was telling you about? Yes, well things got even better..
Thank you, Santa! And, thanks to all for making this week so magical at Friends Corner.

We’ll be around for another week before closing up for the Christmas Holidays.

Join us as we decorate cookies for Christmas, spread festive cheer, put on a show, get stuck in at our Pottery Workshop and, generally, make some wonderful, new memories.

Until next time..


Markets, Clay, and Christmas


The week flew by at Friends Corner..

As we continued to prepare for Christmas by making walnut baubles, festive cards, and general glitter mayhem, we also had a fun time learning all about ‘Food’.

We had a look at ‘Where Our Food Comes From’; remembering that every time we drink water, somebody dug a well, and every time we take a bite of our apple, somebody planted a tree.

We planted our own seeds and learned about different Fruit and Vegetables. We even took a field trip to a Fruit and Vegetable Market where the vendors were exceptionally helpful as well as generous.

We made pictures and had activities involving our ‘Letter of the Week’, all while singing along to Christmas songs.

At our Thursday Evening Club, we hosted our very popular Pottery Workshop where the children made some Christmas ornaments, and received the beautiful fruit baskets they had made the lesson prior, all shiny and sweet.

Saturday morning saw Friends Corner introduce the all new Pear Tree English Workshop, which will begin in the new year. Look out for that if you can. All are welcome.

And so we begin our new week. We’ll be tucking into some international cuisine, and going on a special Christmas field trip to knead some dough and bake some cakes at the invitation of a Glyfada bakery.

We’ve got a lot planned, that’s for sure. First of all, our clubhouse will be hosting an Open Sale for the whole week beginning Monday 9th December. It’ll be daily (bar Sunday) between 10:30 and 12:30. We have children’s clothes and shoes, toys, games, bikes, trikes, adult and children’s books, bits and bots, and so much more, all at great value prices. Do pop in and have a look.

We also welcome Toddler and Children’s Yoga on Tuesdays (alongside Baby Yoga) and Thursdays, as well as looking forward to our Evening Club Workshops of Drama and Music.

Finally, we’ll be on our best behaviour as we prepare for our annual Christmas Party where Santa Claus will be Guest of Honour.

So you see, it’s all rather exciting.

Come on in..


Stepping Into Christmas


We’ve moved into the realms of Christmas here at Friends Corner.

A very rainy Sunday saw the annual Christmas Bazaar take place at the Clubhouse.

We had a bunch of brilliant people selling beautiful items and produce, from wooden spinning tops and Christmas knick-knacks, to yummy treats and immaculate Gingerbread Houses.

We cosily fitted into the Clubhouse and happily hosted friends who came to support our club, browse, and buy a cupcake or two.

The children had their faces painted with festive designs, keenly took part in the brilliant Magic Show, and, as always, generally added that extra bit of colour to the surroundings.

So, while I’m here, on behalf of the Friends Corner Team, I’d like to thank all vendors, participants, and volunteers for helping us to have a successful bazaar full of warmth, camaraderie, and Christmas Cheer.

Our bazaar is over but we continue our Christmas theme at the Clubhouse.. We’ve put up our twinkly lights and we even made a Christmas tree!
Yes. We have some talented kids running around Friends Corner.

Over the next couple of weeks leading up to the holidays, we’ll be continuing our Christmas theme by cutting out star shapes, getting happy with ‘snow’, and, basically, going glitter crazy.

Alongside our glittery shenanigans, the theme we’ll be looking at is ‘Food’. We’ll be learning all about where it comes from, looking at different fruit and vegetables – and how good they are for us – our favourite foods, and international cuisine.

We’ll be field-tripping to a Fruit and Vegetable Market, tasting foods from around the World, and decorating some biscuits for Christmas.

Alas, we’re planning on having lots of happy babies, toddlers, and preschoolers covered in glitter while learning about English Christmas Pudding, Mexican Chimichangas, Thai Satay, Ukrainian Borsch, Bolivian Quinoa, Austrian Strudels, and Zimbabwean Braais.

At our Evening Club (Tuesdays and Thursdays), we’ll be joined by some of our older (schooler) kids to enjoy the fantabulous Pottery and Music Workshops.

Yes. We’re definitely stepping into Christmas here at Friends Corner.

Join us. There’s some fun to be had.

Until next time..