Stepping Into Christmas


We’ve moved into the realms of Christmas here at Friends Corner.

A very rainy Sunday saw the annual Christmas Bazaar take place at the Clubhouse.

We had a bunch of brilliant people selling beautiful items and produce, from wooden spinning tops and Christmas knick-knacks, to yummy treats and immaculate Gingerbread Houses.

We cosily fitted into the Clubhouse and happily hosted friends who came to support our club, browse, and buy a cupcake or two.

The children had their faces painted with festive designs, keenly took part in the brilliant Magic Show, and, as always, generally added that extra bit of colour to the surroundings.

So, while I’m here, on behalf of the Friends Corner Team, I’d like to thank all vendors, participants, and volunteers for helping us to have a successful bazaar full of warmth, camaraderie, and Christmas Cheer.

Our bazaar is over but we continue our Christmas theme at the Clubhouse.. We’ve put up our twinkly lights and we even made a Christmas tree!
Yes. We have some talented kids running around Friends Corner.

Over the next couple of weeks leading up to the holidays, we’ll be continuing our Christmas theme by cutting out star shapes, getting happy with ‘snow’, and, basically, going glitter crazy.

Alongside our glittery shenanigans, the theme we’ll be looking at is ‘Food’. We’ll be learning all about where it comes from, looking at different fruit and vegetables – and how good they are for us – our favourite foods, and international cuisine.

We’ll be field-tripping to a Fruit and Vegetable Market, tasting foods from around the World, and decorating some biscuits for Christmas.

Alas, we’re planning on having lots of happy babies, toddlers, and preschoolers covered in glitter while learning about English Christmas Pudding, Mexican Chimichangas, Thai Satay, Ukrainian Borsch, Bolivian Quinoa, Austrian Strudels, and Zimbabwean Braais.

At our Evening Club (Tuesdays and Thursdays), we’ll be joined by some of our older (schooler) kids to enjoy the fantabulous Pottery and Music Workshops.

Yes. We’re definitely stepping into Christmas here at Friends Corner.

Join us. There’s some fun to be had.

Until next time..


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