Markets, Clay, and Christmas


The week flew by at Friends Corner..

As we continued to prepare for Christmas by making walnut baubles, festive cards, and general glitter mayhem, we also had a fun time learning all about ‘Food’.

We had a look at ‘Where Our Food Comes From’; remembering that every time we drink water, somebody dug a well, and every time we take a bite of our apple, somebody planted a tree.

We planted our own seeds and learned about different Fruit and Vegetables. We even took a field trip to a Fruit and Vegetable Market where the vendors were exceptionally helpful as well as generous.

We made pictures and had activities involving our ‘Letter of the Week’, all while singing along to Christmas songs.

At our Thursday Evening Club, we hosted our very popular Pottery Workshop where the children made some Christmas ornaments, and received the beautiful fruit baskets they had made the lesson prior, all shiny and sweet.

Saturday morning saw Friends Corner introduce the all new Pear Tree English Workshop, which will begin in the new year. Look out for that if you can. All are welcome.

And so we begin our new week. We’ll be tucking into some international cuisine, and going on a special Christmas field trip to knead some dough and bake some cakes at the invitation of a Glyfada bakery.

We’ve got a lot planned, that’s for sure. First of all, our clubhouse will be hosting an Open Sale for the whole week beginning Monday 9th December. It’ll be daily (bar Sunday) between 10:30 and 12:30. We have children’s clothes and shoes, toys, games, bikes, trikes, adult and children’s books, bits and bots, and so much more, all at great value prices. Do pop in and have a look.

We also welcome Toddler and Children’s Yoga on Tuesdays (alongside Baby Yoga) and Thursdays, as well as looking forward to our Evening Club Workshops of Drama and Music.

Finally, we’ll be on our best behaviour as we prepare for our annual Christmas Party where Santa Claus will be Guest of Honour.

So you see, it’s all rather exciting.

Come on in..


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