Pyjamas And Pear Trees


Hi Friends!

Another great week has passed by the Friends Corner clubhouse, and we’re inspired and raring to go as a brand new one dawns.

We spent the past few days learning ‘Opposites’, and we had a fun-filled activity schedule in order to get the most out of this brilliant learning experience. We looked at the opposites of ‘forwards’ and ‘backwards’ by completing an obstacle course and a game of Skittles both – yes, you guessed it – forwards and backwards. That particular activity brought a lot of joy to all our little Tiddlers.

We learned about the opposites of ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ by, among other things, cutting pictures out of magazines depicting both. A fun activity that also got our Little Ones’ motor skills driving!

Another day full of learning and fun was had wearing pyjamas. Pyjama-clad during the day alongside their pals proved to be a big hit with the Friends Corner Kids. Who knew?! That particular dress-up (dress-down?) day was in honour of the opposites of ‘day’ and ‘night’. To boot, and because we were missing it since our Christmas shenanigans, we got out the glitter and made some twinkly stars for our night sky picture. To celebrate ‘day’ we had lunch in the midday sun and ended our ‘Opposites’ week on a happy high.

Our Evening Club thrived with the Yellow Submarine Drama Workshop staging its art on Tuesday evening (and does so every Tuesday from 18:00), and Ersie’s Music Workshop made some sweet noise on Thursday evening (and does so on alternate Thursdays from 18:00).

On Saturday morning our Clubhouse hosted the fabulous Pear Tree English Workshop for the second time. A truly welcome addition to the Friends Corner schedule that is highly recommended to all our friends and their little ones keen to submerge themselves in the English language via interactive learning.

This week will see us begin a fresh theme. We’ll be learning about the ‘Months of the Year’ and looking at birthdays, events, weather, and much more. We’ll be singing, dancing, reading, creating, and learning. And, what’s more, we’d love to see you there.

Our Evening Club this Thursday will find us patting, kneading, and shaping some clay in the brilliant and ever popular Pottery Workshop [alternate Thursdays from 18:00]. And, Saturday morning will host the aforementioned gem – The Pear Tree English Workshop. If that doesn’t whet your appetite, try out some Baby and Kids Yoga on Tuesday mornings during the Morning Programme or the tried, tested, and loved Kids Yoga on Monday evenings.

So, join us for our Morning Programme during the week, Monday evenings Kids Yoga, our Evening Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and/or our Coffee Mornings on Saturday. We have so much to share with you all.

Here’s to happy days full of learning and warmth.

Until next time..


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