Embracing The Year


So, we began the week that passed by with a new song celebrating the months of the year, setting ourselves up for our theme of the week.

The ‘Months of the Year’ song was a constant companion as our little ones became familiar with a calendar and had great fun learning and talking about their birthday months.

We begun with January, a cooler month of cocoa drinking. The children tested their maths skills by decorating cocoa mugs with the amount of stickers that correlated with the number on the mug. They also built little snowmen out of crushed ice.

Learning about February and its connection with Valentine’s Day got the children in the craft box making some sparkly love hearts that we hung on the Friends Corner Tree. We added some March rainbows too, and learned about the beauty of sunshine through the rain.

The little ones turned into scientists for their April project as we focused on April Showers by talking about rain and looking at ‘rain in a cup’.

Learning about May caused much excitement as we learned some more about worms and their place in the world. Again, our Tiddlers enjoyed a maths activity that saw their hand-eye coordination in full flow. Picking up ‘worms’ with a peg and placing the amount that correlated with the number on the ‘leaf’. Educational enjoyment at its best!

June came around, and it got a little messy. Yellow and orange paint handprints to make the rays of the sun. After a good clean-up, our little ones enjoyed some games using shells for August. September’s ‘back-to-school’ theme gave Reading Time a twist.

The new week will see us finish off the year with October, November and December, before beginning our new theme – Seasons.

The Friends Corner Pottery Workshop was popular as ever at our Thursday Evening Club. Do come along and try it out (alternate Thursdays), your little one(s) will love it.

The Clubhouse will be closed on Thursday 30 January for the Three Hierarchs Day holiday, but we’ll be back on Friday raring to go.

The Pear Tree English Workshop is at your service every Saturday morning from 11:00.

Come along to the Clubhouse anytime you can. It’s ever so warm in there.

Until next time..


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