Carnival Days

blog2702Hi everyone.

These Carnival days have been happily hectic, so I’m going to get on with telling you all about them..

Before turning our attention to dressing up and preparing for the Friends Corner Carnival Party, our theme for our Morning Programme was ‘Jobs’.

After a discussion about ‘work’, the Little Ones delved into the working lives of Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, and Scientists. They identified pictures and objects that matched with each profession, grouping them together and turning them into a collage on a piece of card. Other professions were then mentioned where the children would think about something connected to a specific job, e.g., Chef – food. This was both fun and stimulating for all.

The next day saw Baby Yoga take centre-stage, spreading an aura of sweet tranquility throughout the Clubhouse..

Mid-week, and we were back to our ‘Jobs’ theme. Here the focus brought the children’s attention to the professions of Mechanic, Police Officer, and Firefighter.

Thanks to a friendly neighbour, the Friends Corner children had the opportunity to visit the Mechanic at his Garage Workshop across the road from the Clubhouse. The children were given a rundown on the everyday workings of being a mechanic, were shown the tools of the trade, as well as a large propeller. That was something!

Getting acquainted with the profession of police officer, the Little Ones made police badges, and had great fun playing Traffic Police. Firefighters and the work they do, was briefly touched upon, rallying up the kids for their visit to the Fire Station (Monday 10 March – join us!).

To avoid any more caterpillar carnage, we had the big tree above the Clubhouse cut down, allowing not only the Tree Surgeon’s job to get a look-in, but also the acquisition of some brand new stools from the tree stump that now take pride of place in the Friends Corner Nature Area, and are much loved by our Tiddlers.

And so we made it to Thursday, and in this case, ‘Tsiknopempti’ – Charred Thursday!

We spent the best part of the morning making clown faces out of paper plates and pom-poms, and decorating the Clubhouse in colourful Carnival creations. Some writing/tracing of the ‘Letter of the Week’ and we were ready to get back home for lunch so as to return for the Evening Club a few hours later. Here, ‘Tsiknopempti’ (and a mound of souvlaki sticks) was the focus.

Friday came and a beautiful row of houses was created where each window opens up to reveal a picture of a Friends Corner Little One.
Love is all around.

The sun shone brightly for our annual Carnival Party and, among the kids dressed as Spider-Man, babies dressed as flowers, and mums dressed as Elvis (yes, Mina! Superb!), there was fantastic face painting, brilliant games, yummy food, and fun, fun, fun! Happy Carnival!

But, our Friends Corner schedule didn’t stop there. Sunday saw Dr. George Kristinsson give a talk regarding Child Accident Treatment and Prevention. Among the issues addressed were bumps on the head, burns, choking, and car safety. All of which left those who attended informed and glad that they went along..

And so a new week came round and, after the happy Carnival chaos, the Morning Programme focused on a ‘revision day’ for our little learners. Going over the alphabet, Seasons, Months of the Year, the World, etc., which proved to be fun and worthy for all involved.

Baby Yoga brought its beautiful aura back to Friends Corner, and the following day began with a new theme; ‘Shapes’. As the children named, found, and painted shapes, played musical games and generally enjoyed playing and learning, we all looked forward to what tomorrow will bring..

We’ll be continuing with our ‘Shapes’ theme during the Morning Programme and welcoming our brilliant Pottery Workshop at the Thursday Evening Club.

We’ll be looking forward to Winston’s Smart Yoga every Friday (Morning Programme), getting musical every first Friday of the month (again, Morning Programme) as Ersie gets our little ones grooving, and enjoying Saturday Coffee Mornings and the Pear Tree English Workshop.

Friends Corner will be closed on Monday 3 March for the Greek holiday, ‘Kathara Deftera’ – Clean Monday.
So, once you’ve eaten that yummy ‘Clean Monday’ flat bread and flown a kite, we’ll be waiting for you on Shrove Tuesday at the Clubhouse to start our new theme; ‘Days of the Week’.. And, don’t forget to flip some pancakes!

Until next time..


Caring, Sharing, And Hitting The Beach


Hi everyone.

Before we begin making some new memories starting Monday morning, I’m here to tell you all about another great week gone by at Friends Corner..

After our little ones had fun playing bear cubs and hibernating for Winter, we carried on with our ‘Seasons’ theme by filling the week with fun, accompanied by his majesty, the Sun. Lucky us!

For ‘Spring’, we enjoyed looking at caterpillars, talking about everything blooming, and drinking “nectar” just like the birds and the bees – except our Tiddlers enjoyed it from cups covered with a flower.

We celebrated Springtime bird song and little creatures with some fun maths activities. The children had a handful of paper birds with a number written on each of them. They then attached the amount of pegs that correlated with the number. Needless to say, the Friends Corner Little Ones are maths wizards!

The insect activity involved a fun game that got the kids rolling dice, counting the number of dots of each die throw, and recognising amounts. Whichever number they each threw, they would pick the same amount of ‘bugs’ out of the jar. Those maths wizards I was telling you about? Yes, that.

Before beginning our ‘Summer’ project, we took a day out and made shapes relating to all seasons out of play dough. While the brilliant Baby Yoga was carrying mums and babies into a happy zen zone, we cut out love hearts and made some Valentine’s Day collages.

Our ‘Letter of the Week’ was ‘M’. We traced and wrote the letter, we had fun finding words and names that begin with it, and we enjoyed seeing that the letter ‘M’ features not once, but twice, in the word ‘Summer’.. There really was only one thing to do in order to get our ‘Summer’ project going; hit the beach!

And so we did. We packed a picnic, footballs, and buckets and spades, and headed to Voula. It was a beautiful sunny February day on the beach, and we really did have fun in the sun, both kids and mums alike. And although we were left with cars and houses full of sand, we’re all looking forward to repeating such a wonderful day.

‘Autumn’ came round and back at the Clubhouse we picked some leaves, got out the box of crayons and made some leaf rubbings.

We also dived into our Seasonal Calendar a little more and thought about caring and loving one another for our Valentine’s Day project.

The children laid down in a circle and were told to take some moments and think about those that they care about. After a discussion regarding caring, kindness, friendship and celebrating love, our little ones made a Love/Valentine’s picture each that they then placed in a ‘magic bag’. Every picture that was placed in the bag, was then sprinkled with ‘magic dust’.

Once all Valentine’s pictures were placed in the ‘magic bag’, each child took turns to pick one out at random. Thus, all children received a Valentine’s picture, and the message was loud and clear; Love is all around.

We closed the week with a very special lesson with Ersie, our Evening Club (alternate Thursdays) music teacher. A musical Friday that was truly enjoyed by all present. We look forward to many more of these brilliant lessons during our Morning Programme, and hope to see you there too.

And so a new week is about to begin..

We’ll be looking at the good work that people do, whatever it may be, for our ‘Jobs’ theme. And, we’ll be gearing up for Carnival with projects, piƱatas and parties.

Speaking of parties, the annual Friends Corner Carnival Party will take place on Saturday 22 February at approx. 11:00. So, put on your costume and come along!

The following day, Sunday 23 February, Dr. George Kristinsson will be at the Clubhouse conducting a talk on Child Accident Prevention and Treatment. Please contact us via our website for more details.

So, as you can see, we’ve got another jam packed week at Friends Corner and we can’t wait to get going.

Come along to our Morning Programme and take part in our fun themes. Join us for Yoga Mondays, Tuesday and Thursday Evening Club (Drama, Music, Pottery Workshops), and/or Saturday Coffee Mornings (Free Play, and English Workshop).
You are always welcome.

Until next time..


Loving Every Season


Hello everyone..

After quite a few snivels among our Friends Corner kids (and some mums), we’ve got some catching up to do!

Alas, here we are, back and ready for the start of a new week of fun and learning through play.

The last time we spoke, we had been melodically learning the ‘Months of the Year’. While singing songs, we did loads of fun projects characterising each month. We had smiling kids as we talked birthdays, and we even had some birthday cupcakes!

Our October activity saw our Tiddlers bouncing around the Clubhouse hiding Halloween characters for others to find. For November we dived into our craft box and made some Thanksgiving turkeys – gobble, gobble..
And, December saw us mix up art with maths as the children coloured gifts by numbers.

We started our ‘Seasons’ theme by looking at Winter. The children learned about hibernation and which animals hibernate. They then had fun being bears, building a cave, and, indeed, heading inside to hibernate. Needless to say, this activity proved to be quite a hit.

In the midst of it all, we closed the Clubhouse for the Three Hierarchs Day holiday as former and present Friends Corner members got together in Athens for a trip to the Children’s Museum in Plaka, followed by lunch.
Here’s to many more days like these..

We’ll be continuing our ‘Seasons’ theme as we begin a new week at Friends Corner as well as starting our ‘Jobs’ theme. Keep updated as we’ll be going on another one of our famous field trips; this time to a Fire Station.

Alongside all this, we’ll be keeping up with our alphabet and ‘Letter of the Week’, as well as spreading a lot of love as we look into our Seasonal Calendar and get creative for Valentine’s Day.

Please join us anytime during our weekday Morning Programme, our Evening Club, and/or our Saturday Coffee (Tea?) Mornings. You’ll find colourful and interactive themes, Yoga, Drama, Pottery, Music, English workshops, as well as some good old warmth to fill this chilly February air.

Come on in.

Until next time..