Loving Every Season


Hello everyone..

After quite a few snivels among our Friends Corner kids (and some mums), we’ve got some catching up to do!

Alas, here we are, back and ready for the start of a new week of fun and learning through play.

The last time we spoke, we had been melodically learning the ‘Months of the Year’. While singing songs, we did loads of fun projects characterising each month. We had smiling kids as we talked birthdays, and we even had some birthday cupcakes!

Our October activity saw our Tiddlers bouncing around the Clubhouse hiding Halloween characters for others to find. For November we dived into our craft box and made some Thanksgiving turkeys – gobble, gobble..
And, December saw us mix up art with maths as the children coloured gifts by numbers.

We started our ‘Seasons’ theme by looking at Winter. The children learned about hibernation and which animals hibernate. They then had fun being bears, building a cave, and, indeed, heading inside to hibernate. Needless to say, this activity proved to be quite a hit.

In the midst of it all, we closed the Clubhouse for the Three Hierarchs Day holiday as former and present Friends Corner members got together in Athens for a trip to the Children’s Museum in Plaka, followed by lunch.
Here’s to many more days like these..

We’ll be continuing our ‘Seasons’ theme as we begin a new week at Friends Corner as well as starting our ‘Jobs’ theme. Keep updated as we’ll be going on another one of our famous field trips; this time to a Fire Station.

Alongside all this, we’ll be keeping up with our alphabet and ‘Letter of the Week’, as well as spreading a lot of love as we look into our Seasonal Calendar and get creative for Valentine’s Day.

Please join us anytime during our weekday Morning Programme, our Evening Club, and/or our Saturday Coffee (Tea?) Mornings. You’ll find colourful and interactive themes, Yoga, Drama, Pottery, Music, English workshops, as well as some good old warmth to fill this chilly February air.

Come on in.

Until next time..


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