Caring, Sharing, And Hitting The Beach


Hi everyone.

Before we begin making some new memories starting Monday morning, I’m here to tell you all about another great week gone by at Friends Corner..

After our little ones had fun playing bear cubs and hibernating for Winter, we carried on with our ‘Seasons’ theme by filling the week with fun, accompanied by his majesty, the Sun. Lucky us!

For ‘Spring’, we enjoyed looking at caterpillars, talking about everything blooming, and drinking “nectar” just like the birds and the bees – except our Tiddlers enjoyed it from cups covered with a flower.

We celebrated Springtime bird song and little creatures with some fun maths activities. The children had a handful of paper birds with a number written on each of them. They then attached the amount of pegs that correlated with the number. Needless to say, the Friends Corner Little Ones are maths wizards!

The insect activity involved a fun game that got the kids rolling dice, counting the number of dots of each die throw, and recognising amounts. Whichever number they each threw, they would pick the same amount of ‘bugs’ out of the jar. Those maths wizards I was telling you about? Yes, that.

Before beginning our ‘Summer’ project, we took a day out and made shapes relating to all seasons out of play dough. While the brilliant Baby Yoga was carrying mums and babies into a happy zen zone, we cut out love hearts and made some Valentine’s Day collages.

Our ‘Letter of the Week’ was ‘M’. We traced and wrote the letter, we had fun finding words and names that begin with it, and we enjoyed seeing that the letter ‘M’ features not once, but twice, in the word ‘Summer’.. There really was only one thing to do in order to get our ‘Summer’ project going; hit the beach!

And so we did. We packed a picnic, footballs, and buckets and spades, and headed to Voula. It was a beautiful sunny February day on the beach, and we really did have fun in the sun, both kids and mums alike. And although we were left with cars and houses full of sand, we’re all looking forward to repeating such a wonderful day.

‘Autumn’ came round and back at the Clubhouse we picked some leaves, got out the box of crayons and made some leaf rubbings.

We also dived into our Seasonal Calendar a little more and thought about caring and loving one another for our Valentine’s Day project.

The children laid down in a circle and were told to take some moments and think about those that they care about. After a discussion regarding caring, kindness, friendship and celebrating love, our little ones made a Love/Valentine’s picture each that they then placed in a ‘magic bag’. Every picture that was placed in the bag, was then sprinkled with ‘magic dust’.

Once all Valentine’s pictures were placed in the ‘magic bag’, each child took turns to pick one out at random. Thus, all children received a Valentine’s picture, and the message was loud and clear; Love is all around.

We closed the week with a very special lesson with Ersie, our Evening Club (alternate Thursdays) music teacher. A musical Friday that was truly enjoyed by all present. We look forward to many more of these brilliant lessons during our Morning Programme, and hope to see you there too.

And so a new week is about to begin..

We’ll be looking at the good work that people do, whatever it may be, for our ‘Jobs’ theme. And, we’ll be gearing up for Carnival with projects, piñatas and parties.

Speaking of parties, the annual Friends Corner Carnival Party will take place on Saturday 22 February at approx. 11:00. So, put on your costume and come along!

The following day, Sunday 23 February, Dr. George Kristinsson will be at the Clubhouse conducting a talk on Child Accident Prevention and Treatment. Please contact us via our website for more details.

So, as you can see, we’ve got another jam packed week at Friends Corner and we can’t wait to get going.

Come along to our Morning Programme and take part in our fun themes. Join us for Yoga Mondays, Tuesday and Thursday Evening Club (Drama, Music, Pottery Workshops), and/or Saturday Coffee Mornings (Free Play, and English Workshop).
You are always welcome.

Until next time..


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