Sun, Seeds, Flowers And Fire Stations


Hey, friends.

So, we welcomed the sun by honouring its beauty and making one out of papier mâché. Sticky, messy fun! A great way to start your school week..

As our ‘sun’ dried, we thought about what a great idea it would be to play Musical Statues while at the same time introducing these little ones to the magical music of Motown! And, what a wonderful way it was to end our ‘sunny day’ as well as our ‘Weather’ theme.

A new week came round and we immersed ourselves in our new theme; ‘Nature and Environment’. For this theme we are learning all about the beautiful, and the beastly, all around us, whether Mother Earth-, or Man-, made.

We began by looking at ‘Trees and Flowers’. We talked about how trees change and how flowers grow. We made beautiful flowers and trees out of play dough, and we turned our hand to science as we placed some freshly cut daisies in cups of (food colouring) dyed water in order to see if there will be any changes in the flowers over the coming days.

Our little scientists then put on their mathematician hats and began their flower-themed maths activity. They successfully stuck the amount of petals needed to make flowers that correlated with the number by the stem.

As ‘S’ was our ‘Letter of the Week’, our tiddlers stayed true to the ‘Trees and Flowers’ sub-theme and cut out S’s, then stuck sunflower seeds on them. ‘S’ is for ‘seed’!

Speaking of which…the Friends Corner kids did a bit of sowing. But, before sowing their lavender and basil seeds in the clubhouse garden, they got happy and dirty by planting seedlings and herbs while enjoying the soft earth in their sweet little hands.

After a full and fun day of nature-inspired activities, everyone went home with a smile looking forward to what the next day would bring. And, boy, did it deliver! For we took our long-awaited trip to the Fire Station..

Arriving at Hellinikon Fire Station, we were greeted by a flower-filled lawn that welcomed our little ones to run around in the sunshine.

Their joy continued as the firefighters called us into the Station to tell us all about the job that they do, what they wear while doing it, as well as a little lesson on fire prevention and safety.

As Mr. Nicos, the firefighter, dressed in full uniform to show the children, a helmet was passed around for all of them to try on. After our littl’uns got a feel of a firefighter’s uniform, it was time to see the fire engines.

A bunch of excited children stood in awe as a firefighter drove one of the fire engines out of its usual parking place.

The best was yet to come as our little ones took turns to ‘drive’ the fire engine, work the sirens and, to top it off, blast the hose! Even some of the mums had a go. That was fun!

As our brilliant day at the Fire Station came to a close, we headed back to the clubhouse and finished our papier mâché sun by painting it in yellow and orange hues.

Fire Stations and painting fun – what a day! And, what a fabulous week of brilliant memory making.

We’ll be back and fresh as daisies on Monday morning when we’ll continue our ‘Nature and Environment’ theme and look forward to more fun, games and excursions, all in the name of learning.

Come along and join us on this truly magical journey.

Until next time..


Whatever The Weather


Hi everyone.

Trust all dandy under this sunny Springtime sky.. Over at Friends Corner we’ve really been enjoying ‘The Weather’..

We began our ‘Weather’ theme by looking at a Weather Chart and describing different weather formations: Sunny, Cloudy, Partly Cloudy, Windy, Rainy, Snowy.

While focusing on our theme, the weather was shifting from partly cloudy to sunny to cloudy. The children had loads of fun with that as they ran to the window to take a look each time the weather ‘changed’.

It was then time to let cold days take centre stage, and talk turned to clouds and rain. Our little ones enjoyed learning about grey clouds that release rain, and freezing ones that allow for snow.

Beside a few weather-related songs that got our tiddlers grooving, we also had great Reading Time fun as we read weather-themed stories.

As our Letter of the Week was ‘Q’, Project Time focused on ‘Q is for quilt’ to tie in both the Letter and Cold Days.
The children enjoyed tracing over and writing the letter ‘Q’ and then making their very own patchwork quilts out of pieces (patches) of paper. The result is some beautiful quilts that could warm up even the coldest cub..

Our Yoga Babies bundled in to enjoy the Blue Room and its serenity as Elda emitted her good vibes, as those a little older appreciated a palette of paints and some fun Art Time.

Mid-week and we were ready to delve into the magical phenomenon of windy weather.

Among other things, the children learned about the importance of wind in that it brings rain, blows clouds away and pollinates flora.

Technology helped as our little ones viewed satellite images of hurricanes, as well as fascinating pictures of tornadoes. We then discussed the strength of such winds and the power that they hold.

Sheer joy run through the Clubhouse as we got the bubble machine out that allowed the children to see which way the wind was blowing as the bubbles floated away, and even more so when the wind changed direction.

Finally, for our ‘Wind’ chapter, our tiddlers turned into little scientists and made tornadoes in jars. Water, glitter, a bit of a swirl, and voila! – Happy kids holding their very own hand-made tornadoes.

Alphabet revision was followed by a fun weather-themed maths activity that saw the bright and brilliant Friends Corner mathematicians placing the amount of kite string ribbons that correlated with the number shown on the kite.

We put on our painting aprons and prepared a big blue background on which the children mixed black and white paint in order to make varying shades of grey, and ultimately, some dramatic rain clouds.

Rain-themed fun continued with each child tying a measuring cup that’ll be checked regularly onto the yard gate so as to measure rainfall. And, rain instruments were created with some clever crafting and a lot of joy.

We jumped into a new week by looking at snowy weather. The kids were introduced to, and shown images of, Inuits and their way of life in snowy environments.
After some discussion and interesting questions asked, pictures of snow activities, such as sledding and building snowmen, were part of a cutting-out activity.

The children also enjoyed a matching activity where, alongside other random pictures, they coloured and cut out all the images which had a picture of something one would wear on snowy days.

As ‘R’ took its place as Letter of the Week, robots in rockets decorated with ‘R’s were part of Project Time..

And so, here we are, looking forward to continuing our Weather theme as the week continues and offers up some sweet ‘Sunny Days’ at Friends Corner.

Check out our website at http://www.friendscorner.gr to see all the wonderful things our club has to offer.

You know where we are. Come on over.

Until next time..


Days Like These


Hi all.

We only had a ‘little’ week but here’s a brief recap of another great one at Friends Corner..

The Clubhouse was closed for the Greek holiday of ‘Kathara Deftera’, but our little ones were back the next day with tales of kite-flying and lovely lunches.

Elda’s Baby Yoga session saw mums and babies bonding under a zen cloud, as some fun activities got under way.

‘Days of the Week’ was the theme over the next few days and we got down to learning all about them..

In order to learn the names of the Days, the children were taught two action songs that listed the days of the week. As always, the repetition of these songs got our little ones confident enough to name all the days of the week in order, as well as understanding that there are seven days and that they come around again.

Another of the Theme’s activities was getting the children into a circle and having them talk about things they did and do over the week.
That way the children could relate to the Week and get a true understanding that it is reoccurring.

So, our Tiddlers told us all about how they visited their grandmas on Mondays, went swimming on Tuesdays, played in the park on Wednesdays, enjoyed Pottery on Thursdays, did Gymnastics on Friday, baked biscuits on Saturdays, and flew kites on Sundays.

To appreciate the order of the days, our little ones were given a different coloured piece of paper each with a day of the week written on it that was pinned onto their clothes. They stood in sequence from left to right – Monday to Sunday – and would call out which day of the week they were in order, one after the other. They then were told to run around the Clubhouse until they heard ‘STOP!’. ‘Stop’ was their cue to get back in their places in line and in order. This was repeated a few times, much to the euphoria of the children. Running around and learning; nothing beats it!

The Morning Programme finished off its week with a special music lesson that saw Ersie get our little ones grooving. She’ll be doing that every first Friday of the month. Come along and check it out!

Saturday Coffee Mornings continue to host our Pear Tree English Workshop, as well as Free Play and catching up all round.

The new week sees us begin a new theme during our Morning Programme that will get our little ones learning all about ‘Weather’.

Come on in. Rain or shine, Friends Corner is up, running, and welcomes you with open arms.

Until next time..