Days Like These


Hi all.

We only had a ‘little’ week but here’s a brief recap of another great one at Friends Corner..

The Clubhouse was closed for the Greek holiday of ‘Kathara Deftera’, but our little ones were back the next day with tales of kite-flying and lovely lunches.

Elda’s Baby Yoga session saw mums and babies bonding under a zen cloud, as some fun activities got under way.

‘Days of the Week’ was the theme over the next few days and we got down to learning all about them..

In order to learn the names of the Days, the children were taught two action songs that listed the days of the week. As always, the repetition of these songs got our little ones confident enough to name all the days of the week in order, as well as understanding that there are seven days and that they come around again.

Another of the Theme’s activities was getting the children into a circle and having them talk about things they did and do over the week.
That way the children could relate to the Week and get a true understanding that it is reoccurring.

So, our Tiddlers told us all about how they visited their grandmas on Mondays, went swimming on Tuesdays, played in the park on Wednesdays, enjoyed Pottery on Thursdays, did Gymnastics on Friday, baked biscuits on Saturdays, and flew kites on Sundays.

To appreciate the order of the days, our little ones were given a different coloured piece of paper each with a day of the week written on it that was pinned onto their clothes. They stood in sequence from left to right – Monday to Sunday – and would call out which day of the week they were in order, one after the other. They then were told to run around the Clubhouse until they heard ‘STOP!’. ‘Stop’ was their cue to get back in their places in line and in order. This was repeated a few times, much to the euphoria of the children. Running around and learning; nothing beats it!

The Morning Programme finished off its week with a special music lesson that saw Ersie get our little ones grooving. She’ll be doing that every first Friday of the month. Come along and check it out!

Saturday Coffee Mornings continue to host our Pear Tree English Workshop, as well as Free Play and catching up all round.

The new week sees us begin a new theme during our Morning Programme that will get our little ones learning all about ‘Weather’.

Come on in. Rain or shine, Friends Corner is up, running, and welcomes you with open arms.

Until next time..


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