Sun, Seeds, Flowers And Fire Stations


Hey, friends.

So, we welcomed the sun by honouring its beauty and making one out of papier mâché. Sticky, messy fun! A great way to start your school week..

As our ‘sun’ dried, we thought about what a great idea it would be to play Musical Statues while at the same time introducing these little ones to the magical music of Motown! And, what a wonderful way it was to end our ‘sunny day’ as well as our ‘Weather’ theme.

A new week came round and we immersed ourselves in our new theme; ‘Nature and Environment’. For this theme we are learning all about the beautiful, and the beastly, all around us, whether Mother Earth-, or Man-, made.

We began by looking at ‘Trees and Flowers’. We talked about how trees change and how flowers grow. We made beautiful flowers and trees out of play dough, and we turned our hand to science as we placed some freshly cut daisies in cups of (food colouring) dyed water in order to see if there will be any changes in the flowers over the coming days.

Our little scientists then put on their mathematician hats and began their flower-themed maths activity. They successfully stuck the amount of petals needed to make flowers that correlated with the number by the stem.

As ‘S’ was our ‘Letter of the Week’, our tiddlers stayed true to the ‘Trees and Flowers’ sub-theme and cut out S’s, then stuck sunflower seeds on them. ‘S’ is for ‘seed’!

Speaking of which…the Friends Corner kids did a bit of sowing. But, before sowing their lavender and basil seeds in the clubhouse garden, they got happy and dirty by planting seedlings and herbs while enjoying the soft earth in their sweet little hands.

After a full and fun day of nature-inspired activities, everyone went home with a smile looking forward to what the next day would bring. And, boy, did it deliver! For we took our long-awaited trip to the Fire Station..

Arriving at Hellinikon Fire Station, we were greeted by a flower-filled lawn that welcomed our little ones to run around in the sunshine.

Their joy continued as the firefighters called us into the Station to tell us all about the job that they do, what they wear while doing it, as well as a little lesson on fire prevention and safety.

As Mr. Nicos, the firefighter, dressed in full uniform to show the children, a helmet was passed around for all of them to try on. After our littl’uns got a feel of a firefighter’s uniform, it was time to see the fire engines.

A bunch of excited children stood in awe as a firefighter drove one of the fire engines out of its usual parking place.

The best was yet to come as our little ones took turns to ‘drive’ the fire engine, work the sirens and, to top it off, blast the hose! Even some of the mums had a go. That was fun!

As our brilliant day at the Fire Station came to a close, we headed back to the clubhouse and finished our papier mâché sun by painting it in yellow and orange hues.

Fire Stations and painting fun – what a day! And, what a fabulous week of brilliant memory making.

We’ll be back and fresh as daisies on Monday morning when we’ll continue our ‘Nature and Environment’ theme and look forward to more fun, games and excursions, all in the name of learning.

Come along and join us on this truly magical journey.

Until next time..


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