Springtime Joy


Hello everyone.

This Springtime weather is keeping us all on our toes over at the Clubhouse. Rain or shine, there’s always loads to do. So, here I am to tell you what we’ve been up to the last few days..

Carrying on with our ‘Nature and Environment’ theme, we had loads of fun learning about mountains and volcanoes. The children learned how these fabulous phenomena are formed, about tectonic plates, mountains below the sea, high mountains, low mountains, table mountains, fire mountains and mountain life. We went mountain mad!

‘The Bear Went Over The Mountain’ took an airing and was happily sung, and our Little Ones made some amazing mountains and volcanoes out of play dough.

We had a Totally Terrific Time with the letter ‘T’, which was our ‘Letter of the Week’. Using miming actions, the children guessed words beginning with ‘T’ before writing it freestyle on their papers. T-time!

Sweet yoga vibes swept through our clubhouse in their weekly soothing way as the Friends Corner kids prepared for a new day of joy.

That new day saw us pay a visit to To Perivoli Sti Vari. Not only were we blessed by His Royal Highness, the Sun, but we found ourselves in surroundings that made this day truly unforgettable.

We strolled around this urban farm, taking in all the precious nature it had to offer; chickens, worms, fish ponds, vegetables, fruit, greenhouses, wild flowers, and so very much more. Even the compost heaps were huge hits with our Tiddlers.

Besides the brilliance that To Perivoli Sti Vari has to offer in terms of landscape, the welcome and hospitality we received was second to none. We are so grateful to Anna and Lily who took time out to greet us, look after us and show us around this stunning oasis of calm. Thank you, ladies!

With memories of this magical day complete, our children went home inspired and happy. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Indeed, so inspired by our visit, we have begun making our very own Friends Corner compost with the idea that it will be given to To Perivoli Sti Vari on a regular basis. So get your old tea leaves and carrot peelings in there!

For more information about To Perivoli Sti Vari please click on the following link:


‘Back to school’ the next day and our Little Ones, still talking about their trip to the farm, were ready to learn about beaches.

Technology had its moment during our Project Time as images of different types of beaches were shown to the children on the laptop. The children learned how sand is formed. They even tried out a small experiment by crumbling a piece of bread – the rock – to form crumbs – the sand.

Then, they looked at seashells and the many different kinds there are before getting hold of some and painting them in different colours. Once dry, the shells were threaded onto string and are now happily hanging on the Friends Corner tree.

A new week came along, as did the rain. After some significant puddle-jumping, it’s time to focus on ‘Easter Week’.

We made some Easter chick baskets that got us painting, gluing, and covered in yellow feathers. Eat your heart out, Big Bird!

We made Easter cards, some egg-filled nests, and ate Hot Cross Buns. And, there’s more Easter crafting to come as we prepare for this Springtime festival and, indeed, the annual Friends Corner Easter Party.

We have also welcomed ‘U’ as ‘Letter of the Week’.. so, that umbrella really did come in handy.. And now the sun’s come out, so why don’t you come on down for these last couple of days of Easter fun before the holidays.

Happy everything!

Until next time..