Happiness And Hopscotch


Hello Pals.

Grab a chair and read on to see what we got up to over the last few days..

We got counting at Friends Corner this past week as we welcomed a new theme; ‘Numbers’.

Our first port of call was taking a good look at the numbers from 1 to 10. We really did take a ‘good look’, as the kids focused on what each of these numbers looked like, and we spoke about how sometimes they are written in a different format, e.g., a seven may sometimes be presented with a line going through its middle.

After reciting the numbers out loud, our little ones each had a piece of paper where the numbers from one to ten where written in digit format. The children then proceeded to trace over each of the digits.

Our little mathematicians then got to work on a Number Recognition activity. Here, they were given a paper depicting skittles in a number of boxes with digits next to said boxes. The children then counted the skittles within each box and circled the number that corresponded with the amount.

As a final table activity, our Tiddlers joined the numbers in a dot-to-dot fashion and revealed a fish. Joy!

Finally, a good old game of Hopscotch was had in the yard, and what fun it was too!

Yoga fun, Mother’s Meetings, sunshine, and watermelon wedges were all enjoyed as we moved onto eleven, twelve, and the teens..

So..after some repetition of numbers one to ten, we moved on up to number 19.

As an activity, the children had a piece of paper with a ‘Number Train’ on it. A couple of numbers were missing in sequence from some carriages. The children were then shown the numbers 11 to nineteen which were each written on a piece of card. Once they recognised which numbers were missing from the ‘Number Train’, they noted it down themselves. A number containing two digits! Pride all round.

It was then the turn of the ‘Teez’; 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90.
Here, the children gathered toys and objects making a mass of ten, then 20, then thirty. This way our little ones could visualise quantity. All the Teez were then written and pegged on the fence outside for recognition.

We had much fun with our ‘Letter of the Week’. Besides making lots of ‘Y’s out of Yellow play dough, an activity that got the children making other letters and shapes, they also enjoyed putting together 3 lines to form an upper case ‘Y’. This was done on paper and on the chalkboard wall.

At the Evening Club on Thursday afternoon, our Tiddlers got experimenting with dry ice before showcasing their artistry at Dionysius’ Pottery Workshop.

We rounded off the week with a day of craft and free play before heading home from another full and fun week at Friends Corner.

Saturday morning plays host to The Pear Tree English Workshop, lovingly coordinated by Vicki. A worthy workshop for children of all backgrounds and nationalities.

Our Evening Club is up and running every Tuesday and Thursday and, as the days get longer, we’re making some happy memories on these balmy afternoons.

We’re also gearing up for a long, hot summer by welcoming it with a sweet-spirited BBQ in Voula on Saturday 31 May. If you are interested in joining us, please drop us a line for more details. We’d love to see you.

Other than that, we’ll be back at the Clubhouse on Monday morning ready for more learning through play.

We’ll be looking at the grand old number, 100, as well as going over the Alphabet from scratch. Just for fun, you understand..

Come on over. It’s fun in the sun.

Until next time..


Bus Times


Hello everyone.

Trust you are all enjoying these sun kisses being handed out..

Here’s what we got up to over the passed few days.

We began our week by acknowledging Mother’s Day in Greece and giving the kids a picture of a faceless lady wearing a crown saying ‘Best Mum’. Their task was to draw their mum’s face. Need I express the brilliant results we got out of this activity? Happy Mother’s Day, mums!

Our theme for the week was ‘Transport’. We sat with the kids and spoke about different modes of transport, be it personal or public – ‘Scooter’ among the favourite suggestions.

Pictures were shown of transport modes and we spoke about road and pedestrian safety. It was with great comfort that the children understood, and indeed knew, that wearing helmets on bikes, seat belts in cars, practicing Pedestrian Safety, etc., is a simple norm.

As ‘X’ was our ‘Letter of the Week’, our little ones used it as part of their transport theme; sticking red crêpe paper pieces onto crosses – X’s – to make ‘No Parking’ signs.

As always, Tuesday came round and Yoga, free play, and fun vibes were flowing through our clubhouse.

Mid-week, and the sun was shining brightly on us as we prepared for a field trip.

In doing so, parents and guardians conveniently “forgot” the children’s snacks at home. We then explained to our Tiddlers that we needed to go to the Bakery in downtown Glyfada to pick up some snacks.

As part of the children’s learning, the gist was to enable the understanding that transport is used to get us from one place to another.

So..to get to the Bakery as a group, we had to jump on a bus!

Amidst much excitement, we left the Clubhouse and walked the long way to the bus stop. We talked about transport ‘etiquette’ – waiting patiently for the transit to arrive, queuing, letting passengers off before getting on yourself, etc.

And so our bus arrived and we took a ride to downtown Glyfada. Once off the bus, and after some classic pigeon-chasing, we went and purchased our snacks from the Bakery.

With energy restored, we took a stroll through town towards the tram station where we rode the tram for a couple of stops to another bus stop to take a final bus ride, where three Friends Corner babies found their slumber. Back at the Clubhouse, berries and cherries were waiting for us.

A new day came and a group of Friends Corner mums (past and present) got together for Dr. George Kristinsson’s CPR seminar, Paediatric Basic Life Support.

Without being long-winded about it all, I would personally like to say that I found the seminar worthy, comprehensive and highly informative, and I look forward to the next one. I urge you to look out for these seminars at Friends Corner, you will not regret it.
Thank you, Dr. Kristinsson!

As us mums were learning new things, so were the Tiddlers. They made some beautiful pictures as they got craft-y..

And so another bunch of memory-making days were had.

As the weather heats up, and we look toward a new theme next week – ‘Numbers’, for those interested – we’re out in our beautiful yard having some good times with our little ones.

Please join us as we gear up for our Summer BBQ and fun in the sun.

Until next time..


Feelings And Fun


Hi everyone.

We’re back and blogging, so let’s get blabbing about all the stuff we’ve been up to at Friends Corner since our return from some fun Springtime holidays…

We got back into the swing of things by beginning our ‘Feelings’ theme. Focusing on ‘happy’ and ‘sad’, the children were encouraged to talk about feelings, particularly how they feel when they are happy and sad and, indeed, what makes them happy or sad.

Some brilliant revelations came in the form of our Tiddlers’ happy things/thoughts when they are feeling sad. “Staying home”; “Playing with Mummy”; “Candy”; “Superheroes”; “My ballerina box”, are just a handful of these precious things. Who knew?!

The craft box came out to aid us in some innovative ‘Feelings’ crafts. Happy faces galore!

To get super happy we did what we, both children and parents/nannies, do best at Friends Corner, put on the stereo and boogie on down.

Our ‘Letter of the Week’ was vivacious ‘V’. And, ‘V’ is for ‘volcano’. So what better to do than make Volcano V’s?!

Yoga soothed the Clubhouse air, and growing babies were crawling, waddling, and chewing on toys in every nook and cranny. Sweetness all round..

A new ‘lesson day’ dawned and we got back to work looking at ‘Feelings’. Our little ones spoke about being happy, feeling sad, being surprised, feeling angry, etc.

When they were told a story encompassing all the emotions spoken about, the children were inspired to come up with their own stories regarding feelings. Truly wonderful moments.

As an activity, our Tiddlers were shown four faces portraying varying emotions and then given a piece of paper with four circles on it. The children then drew ‘happy’, ‘scared’, ‘surprised’, and ‘angry’ on each of the circles. Great fun!

To close the day, we played ‘Musical Feelings’. A brilliant game that allows the kids to dance to music until it stops, which is then that they must stand still and express an emotion facially. That game should be called ‘Funny Faces’!

And so onto magical May..
We welcomed this wonderful month by arriving back at Friends Corner (after a day closed for the May Day holiday) ready to get our green fingers wriggling.

With Friends Corner mum, Anna, as our guide, the Clubhouse garden began to take shape. After explaining which plants were about to become part of our earth, Anna directed our little ones as they stuck in and got planting.

As a new week came round, we continued our popular ‘Feelings’ theme with fun crafts, sweet stories and nice chats with the children regarding this special subject.

‘W’ took its place as our ‘Letter of the Week’, and tracing, colouring, and even writing it was a fun part of the day. Words beginning with ‘W’ were thought of and webs were weaved (well, coloured in) as part of our letter activity.

Taking a breather for a moment from our ‘Feelings’ theme, we got into the spirit of transport (coming week’s theme) by making a choo-choo train out of a long cardboard box that the children decorated with paint, tissue paper, and glitter. The kids then took turns, in threes, to ride the train. Them good old cardboard boxes, eh?

As our week was coming to a close, we finished up our ‘Feelings’ theme by getting those naughty little Angry Birds to help us look at the emotion of ‘Anger’. Again, revelations in abundance from our little ones, and a great lesson for many of us parents too.

Staying with the Angry Birds guide, we collectively ‘built’ a nest, in fact, The Nest, in a nook at the Clubhouse. It involves a cushioned, comfortable area where the children can go no matter how they feel; angry, sad, happy – to enjoy the calm, and the box of things found in that space. Among other items, The Nest box includes, sensory toys, books, paper and crayons, and play dough.

Just for some maths fun, our Tiddlers looked at the number seven. Circling it among other numbers, drawing it, and collectively counting to seven in languages familiar to them. We had English, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Arabic, and Kiswahili. Lovely stuff.

And so our week closed. Memories made, lessons learned.

The fresh week will find us learning all about a new theme; Transport.

Alongside our fun themes during the morning programme, Friday mornings will see the start of Kids’ Smart Yoga from 11:00. Elda’s Yoga continues, as always, to soothe our Tuesdays..

Our Tuesday (Drama) and Thursday (Pottery) Evening Club welcomes you all from 17:30, and The Pear Tree English Workshop continues to thrive on Saturday mornings.

Please join us for a new week that will see fun activities, learning through play, and one of the brilliant Friends Corner field trips.
Come jump on that bus with us!

Until next time..