Bus Times


Hello everyone.

Trust you are all enjoying these sun kisses being handed out..

Here’s what we got up to over the passed few days.

We began our week by acknowledging Mother’s Day in Greece and giving the kids a picture of a faceless lady wearing a crown saying ‘Best Mum’. Their task was to draw their mum’s face. Need I express the brilliant results we got out of this activity? Happy Mother’s Day, mums!

Our theme for the week was ‘Transport’. We sat with the kids and spoke about different modes of transport, be it personal or public – ‘Scooter’ among the favourite suggestions.

Pictures were shown of transport modes and we spoke about road and pedestrian safety. It was with great comfort that the children understood, and indeed knew, that wearing helmets on bikes, seat belts in cars, practicing Pedestrian Safety, etc., is a simple norm.

As ‘X’ was our ‘Letter of the Week’, our little ones used it as part of their transport theme; sticking red crêpe paper pieces onto crosses – X’s – to make ‘No Parking’ signs.

As always, Tuesday came round and Yoga, free play, and fun vibes were flowing through our clubhouse.

Mid-week, and the sun was shining brightly on us as we prepared for a field trip.

In doing so, parents and guardians conveniently “forgot” the children’s snacks at home. We then explained to our Tiddlers that we needed to go to the Bakery in downtown Glyfada to pick up some snacks.

As part of the children’s learning, the gist was to enable the understanding that transport is used to get us from one place to another.

So..to get to the Bakery as a group, we had to jump on a bus!

Amidst much excitement, we left the Clubhouse and walked the long way to the bus stop. We talked about transport ‘etiquette’ – waiting patiently for the transit to arrive, queuing, letting passengers off before getting on yourself, etc.

And so our bus arrived and we took a ride to downtown Glyfada. Once off the bus, and after some classic pigeon-chasing, we went and purchased our snacks from the Bakery.

With energy restored, we took a stroll through town towards the tram station where we rode the tram for a couple of stops to another bus stop to take a final bus ride, where three Friends Corner babies found their slumber. Back at the Clubhouse, berries and cherries were waiting for us.

A new day came and a group of Friends Corner mums (past and present) got together for Dr. George Kristinsson’s CPR seminar, Paediatric Basic Life Support.

Without being long-winded about it all, I would personally like to say that I found the seminar worthy, comprehensive and highly informative, and I look forward to the next one. I urge you to look out for these seminars at Friends Corner, you will not regret it.
Thank you, Dr. Kristinsson!

As us mums were learning new things, so were the Tiddlers. They made some beautiful pictures as they got craft-y..

And so another bunch of memory-making days were had.

As the weather heats up, and we look toward a new theme next week – ‘Numbers’, for those interested – we’re out in our beautiful yard having some good times with our little ones.

Please join us as we gear up for our Summer BBQ and fun in the sun.

Until next time..


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