Thanking You, From A-Z


Hello all.
Picking up where we left off..

We welcomed some Yoga fun, new members, and some sunny summer vibes. But, the sun got bored of hanging out and we found ourselves under some rainy mid-week clouds.

As that summer rain came down, our little ones got stuck in with letters M, N, O, and P. They were traced over, written down, and words and names that began with each letter were thought of.

We then got the paints out and painted happy faces just for fun! After all the mess was cleared away, we were ready to use our secret weapon; masking tape!

On the floor we wrote in tape an ‘M’, an ‘N’, and a ‘P’, then between the N & the P the children formed a circle, sung and performed Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses, and subsequently made their very own ‘O’. Result!

As we were focusing on the Alphabet, it was only right that the spirit of Michael Jackson (and his brothers) was kept well alive.. Wait, I am going somewhere with this.. As we turned up the stereo, the Jackson 5 was our soundtrack for the day. “A B C, easy as 1 2 3”.

The next day saw the kids continue with their fun alphabet activities, writing their own initial, and, those who wanted to, even wrote their names.

And, here we find ourselves, after closing for the Greek Holy Spirit Day holiday, back to it for just a little week where we’re finishing up our Alphabet theme before concluding our Morning Programme for the summer.

We’ll continue to be at Friends Corner in a different capacity as of Monday 16 June. They’ll be creative play, water play, fun play, play, play, play every day! And us mums, dads, grannies and nannies will watch on with (iced) tea and glee..

As we reach the Morning Programme’s conclusion, I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone involved in making this past school year utterly exceptional.

Every single person that cares for the welfare of this magnificent club has played a part – starting with the new President and Committee for their commitment in ensuring that the Friends Corner legacy lives on. The active members who keep the club financially and lovingly stable, and who bring a dish and a smile to our club parties. Former members who still pop by and support the work that we do. Those fantastic people who have given their time, energy and guidance in order to enhance the Morning Programme, Evening Club, and Coffee Mornings activities. The ladies who were among the original mums who began ‘Little School’ (which later went on to become ‘Friends Corner’) all those years ago, who continue to offer us their encouragement, support and praise. We thank you all.

As a side, we went through a transition last summer; a new President and Committee, a refurbished clubhouse, and a fresh approach to everything. We have all, old and young alike, had a blast and it is unequivocally thanks to the pure teamwork that has taken place.

Friends Corner’s soul is based on a philosophy of working together to make everything that little bit better for our children and ourselves during the ‘early years’. Its legacy is rooted in the union of its members who, essentially, ‘hang out’ with their kids and get stuck in running the Club.

And so, this brings me to those that we are truly grateful to and for to the utmost level – for without them we are truly nothing; the children.

These wonderful, curious, beautiful little people brighten up everything around them. They manage to bring a crazy injection of technicolor, and it is because of them that we continue this magnificent project in the southern suburbs. Thank you, kids. You are everything.

So, with the children as our guide, we’ll be continuing this spectacular legacy, while we all work together as a team.
This past year has taught us all that we are stronger this way. Our “downs” have been few, while our “ups” are countless.

And we plan to keep on rising.

Until next time..


Letters To Summer


Hello all.

Over the last 10 days or so, we’ve been busy bees over at Friends Corner.

We took up where we left off and got learning with the number one hundred.

After recapping the numbers that come before it, the kids each painted their own 100.
There was a big old mess, but it was well worth it.

Outside we went for a fun game of Hopscotch, and back inside for some Snakes and Ladders.

Our Letter of the Week was ‘Z’ and we got talking Zebras, Zoos, and Zips. We had Song Time in the sun and Reading Time in the shade before heading home.

The next day played host to a brilliant Kids Yoga lesson, where Winston told the children the story of Bramble Bear.

A new theme began mid-week, and our little ones looked at the Alphabet from scratch.

Letters A, B, C, and D were our focus as we thought of words beginning with each, found them among a bunch of other letters, and wrote them on the chalkboard wall.

For extra fun, our Tiddlers wrote the letters in sugar, before moving on to play with moon sand.

We closed our day by getting ready for the World Cup; with a game of football.

The next day brought with it some clouds. And, underneath them, we exercised – well, run around like loons – in the Clubhouse yard.

Once all were feeling revived, we got down to some serious play dough work. Shapes were formed and letters were made.

Tracing and drawing were on call as more letters were made; ‘E’ for Elephant, ‘F’ for Fox, and ‘G’ for Green, with added Glitter, of course..

Free play and good times closed our week.

But there was more.. Saturday came round and we closed our clubhouse and shifted focus towards Voula.

There, a pleasant weekend afternoon hosted our Welcoming Summer BBQ. Sweet beats, yummy grub and good times were enjoyed by old and young alike. Thanks to everyone involved. Happy days!

Memories made and a new week, a new month, and a new season came our way.

Back in our clubhouse, we continued our Alphabet fun by digging into a bucket of pasta and beans looking for hidden letters H, I, J, and K. On finding each letter, our little ones placed them on a paper with the matching letter.

A bit of football and some fun group drawing, and we kicked off our week in style.

We continue our brilliant themes as the week goes on, as we sing, dance, and learn through play. And, we welcome you. Like always.

Until next time..