Off We Go


And, so it begins.. A new school year at the Friends Corner clubhouse. Where the kids add life and colour, and the mums, dads, grandmas, nannies and friends get together and watch the wonder unfold.

Our all-new school year began as many of us dived into waters new. Some of our tiddlers waved goodbye to older sibling Friends Corner alumni at the school gates of “Big School”, while at the Clubhouse we welcomed back some little ones from last year, as well as opening our arms to new faces that’ll make up our Class of 2015.

We kicked off our week by familiarising ourselves with everything around us, and enjoying some new puzzles, books and toys. We began our “lesson” with some exercise. We jumped and run, rolled and stretched. Once rejuvenated, and after some yummy snacks for Munch Time, we had a little look at our ‘Letter of the Week’ – Aa.

Apples were our starting point. So, with our Craft Box beside us, we got to making some lovely apples before painting them a vibrant red with green leaves attached.

Once our painting mayhem had been cleaned up, we sat altogether in our yard and sang our favourite songs for Song Time. As the Morning Programme wound to a close, we thanked each other for another great day, and a great start to our new school year..

Tuesday arrived and our clubhouse found itself swathed in babies! Well, it is our “Baby Day” at Friends Corner. Keep reading and I’ll be telling you more about that a little later on.

Midweek, and after the brilliant exercise and snack part of our Morning Programme, our themed project focussed on the subject: ‘Me’. We started off this theme by talking about ‘My Friends’. One of the things we do with our friends at Friends Corner is paint and create, and that we did. In keeping with our ‘Letter of the Week’, ‘A’, We created some ants out of egg cartons before painting them.

After a brief stop to run around the yard, the kids donned their painting aprons for a second time in order to make a Friendship Wreath out of their handprints. We sang songs and danced before Wednesday’s time was up.

The following day saw our ‘Me’ theme continue with ‘My Family’. The children told of what they did over the summer months with their families, both nuclear and extended. So, after tales of trips to the beach, holidays abroad, visiting relatives, and much more, our tiddlers made family members out of cardboard tubes. The results were uncanny. Honest!

To burn off a bit of energy, our little ones played a game of football. Proud mums looked on as the true meaning of ‘teamwork’ was put on show.

Song Time got the kids singing, and the animated Action Songs found them ‘walking through the jungle’, among other things.

So, our Morning Programme ended for another day. But that evening would see the return of our Evening Club (which is now every Monday and Thursday).

With the return of our Thursday Evening Club, we also saw the reintroduction of the Pottery Workshop after the summer break. The kids created, shaped and moulded clay, as Dionysis guided them.

The Pottery Workshop will be back in full force every week from October. I’ll keep you posted with dates.
But, for now, back to our week of fun at Friends Corner..

As the weekend frolicked around the corner, Friday came our way, and we had something special in store..

Our little ones were given an introduction to an all new Music Time (which will take place a couple of Fridays a month at the Clubhouse).
As the ‘music lady’ sang songs and played guitar, the children clapped and sang along with her. Overall, it was a positive and pleasant response to another new addition to Friends Corner. And with that, we wrapped up our first week ‘back to school’.
But, there was more..

Saturday saw our first event of the new school year take place as Friends Corner hosted an Usborne Book Party and Bake Sale. With the help of our Usborne Representative, Felicia, our party was a serene and sweet affair, much like reading itself.

As many of you will know, Usborne Publishing is among one of the most brilliant children’s publishing houses in the world. Now in its 40th year, we are so grateful at Friends Corner to be working alongside this mammoth corporation of books.

And, what’s more, we’ll be hosting more Book Parties with Usborne throughout the year. However, for all those who couldn’t make it on Saturday, and don’t want to wait until the next Book Party to buy/order some fabulous books from Usborne, Felicia will be at the Clubhouse during our Thursday Evening Club, this Thursday 25 September, where you’ll be able to come along, look at a selection of books and, indeed, purchase or order.

Monday will also see Friends Corner opening for the Evening Club. With it will begin Kids Yoga taught by the ever-popular Ariadne, who’ll be holding an introductory lesson that’ll get under way at 18:00.

Lastly, regarding Tuesday mornings at the Clubhouse, which I mentioned before that I’d tell you more about, we have some great news!

As our Tuesday “Baby Days” become evermore popular (there are LOADS of babies!) we are delighted to tell you that we will be working alongside two certified professionals in order to make your mother and baby experiences all the better.

Come along this Tuesday (23 September) where you’ll get the chance to meet our new Baby/Toddler Yoga Teacher as well as our Baby Masseuse. They’ll be saying hello, answering your questions and conducting a session from 11:00.

Don’t forget Evening Club is now on Mondays and Thursdays. And, spread the word!

What a week! We’re raring to begin a new one. Join us as from tomorrow as we continue our ‘Me’ theme, looking at ‘My Favourite Things To Do’.

Come on! We’ve got some memories to make.

Until next time..

You’re off to Great Places.
Today is your day.
Your mountain is waiting.
So…get on your way!

– Dr. Seuss


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