Carrot Legs And Cucumber Heads


After a brilliant weekend that included a Book Party and a Bake Sale, a new week came round and we had loads in store at the Clubhouse. Our ‘Me’ theme continued and we had more fun with the sub-themes, ‘My favourite things to do’, ‘My body’, and ‘My face’.

Our ‘Baby Day’ Tuesday brought all kinds of fabulous things, other than our bonnie babies, of course. Baby Yoga and Baby Massage are back on the Friends Corner menu, and are looking forward to all you mums and babies coming along to join us.

Back to our theme and, as one of our “favourite things to do” is to get messy while we paint, our toddlers and kiddies donned aprons and got down to their first art activity of the week.

Our tiddlers and toddlers sat around the table that played host to a large piece of paper, while each had a kiddie rolling pin in hand. As different colour paints were squirted onto the paper, the kids got busy rolling them all together until they made an interesting brown hue. Soon, the rolling pins were discarded and small hands got very, very messy. So, not only were we doing one of our “favourite things” but, by using hands, we were already onto our next topic, ‘My body’.

Besides the Mina-inspired Friends Corner Morning Gym Class, our bodies were the focus as we got down to finding out a little bit more about them.

For Munch Time, the children were given carrot stick bodies with cucumber slice heads. Eating pieces, moving pieces around, dismantling the ‘bodies’ and building bonfires out of the pieces, Munch Time was fun!

Our ‘Letter of the Week’ was ‘B’. So our huge B was made into a collage of images of body parts! The children had fun naming them and sticking them onto the big B. And, with this activity following one in which they had to recognise/name body parts before placing them in their correct place (onto a cut-out of a body), the kids were very proud of themselves for getting them all right.

Another activity saw Mr. Potato Head taking centre-stage as he – and his brother – were put together piece by piece by the children. Song Time, Story Time, Play Dough sculpting, puzzle solving, riding bikes, trikes, and scooters all contributed to a brilliant week.

And what’s more, thanks to the wonderful folk at Usborne, Friends Corner has received an abundance of fantastic new books that cover all our age groups. A most precious gift of which we are most grateful.

So, onwards and upwards, forwards and towards. We’ll be back at the Clubhouse tomorrow morning as we begin a new week of learning through play. Join us.

Until next time..

Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks.

– Dr. Seuss


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