Singing In The Rain


As the warm Autumn Sun shone on the quiet streets of our Athenian suburb, we began our week back at the Clubhouse by continuing with our Shapes theme.

Having had loads of fun with squares, circles, and triangles the previous week, we finally got acquainted with Mr. Oval. This wonderful shape helped us with a bit of number recognition also.

Numbers 1-10 were each written on ten large oval-shaped pieces of card and placed on the ground outside in the yard. The brilliant Friends Corner kids run around the ovals, stopping on a number once the music paused. Someone then had to draw a card from a pack with numbers 1-10 on them. Whoever was standing on the correlating oval received a cheer, which was fun!

Back inside, and as our build-up to Halloween continues, ghosts were the order of the day. Using oval shaped eyes and mouths our ghosts, rather ironically, “came to life”..

With spooky ghosts whirling around the Clubhouse, it was time to get out the balloons, bring out the cake, and wish our dear Aristotelis a very happy third birthday.

And, after more singing, whirling, and yummy cake, Monday was done, and with it the myth that Mondays are no good was put to rest.

Tuesday came around and Yoga was the order of the day. Babies and Toddlers, as well as mummies/nannies/grannies, sent waves of Zen throughout the Clubhouse.

The Evening Club Pottery Workshop saw our tiddlers shaping piggy banks out of clay. Getting ready to save their pennies for them rainy days ahead.

Happy exercise fun started our mid-week day as the kids enjoyed games in the yard outside. A track was laid down forming an Obstacle Course that aided a brilliant game of ‘Red Light, Green Light’.

Rectangles were our shape of choice for the day. Play dough ones quickly moulded into other objects and shapes before large card rectangles were used to thread wool through them. Songs galore were sung and another day was done.

And then the rain came..

More Baby Yoga was on order, as was the conclusion of our Shapes theme on this beautiful boggy Thursday.

Our theme involved getting all the shapes together (cut out of card) and making spooky Halloween monsters out of them. A great success of an activity and some brilliant monsters to boot!

New members helped to make our Song Time all the more fun as we got singing in the rain. Well, singing and watching the rain, anyway.

The Dressing-Up Box got an airing as it poured outside. Our little ones chose costumes to be part of a ‘parade’ where they played Simon Says in fancy dress! “Simon says, ‘time to wind down'”, and with that, another memory-making morning was over at Friends Corner.

As the skies stayed grey, the last day of the week beckoned more rain, alongside a day indoors painting big dinosaurs and singing songs. Play dough sculpting, puppet games, little car races, and Story Time all left their mark, and it was time to go home and get ready for the weekend.

And, here we are.. Saturday morning saw the Clubhouse open once again for its warm and welcoming Coffee Morning.

The new week will find us talking about a new theme; Colours. We’ll be decorating our clubhouse for Halloween, and preparing for our party on Halloween Night. Our Evening Club and Saturday Morning Workshops will be in full flow, as will we.

We’ll be updating you on loads of fun things that we’ve got in store, including our first Themed Thursday which will focus on Bonfire Night. Look out for that.

For now, enjoy these stunning rainy days and nights. What a wonderful way to clear the air.

Until next time..

When life gives you a rainy day, play in the puddles.


Shaping Up And Making Sense


We’ve had such sweet times these past couple of weeks that I don’t know where to begin..

I’ll start with the fact that we have an amazing club that is thriving with activity and warmth. This play-school, and all that it is, is thanks to a group of people who care. Thank you, Caring Folk, it’s a sincere pleasure merging with you all.

So..The Senses.. Yeah, that was fun.. Our famous Gym Class got our munchkins stretching their ears, blinking, winking, looking up and down, breathing in through their noses, feeling their hands and their bones. Essentially, focussing on all bodily tools that channel the senses.

Project Time was a whirl of ‘Sight’ and ‘Hearing’. The children made binoculars with their hands and played ‘I Spy With My Little Eye’. Large animal flash cards were placed on the table as our tiddlers got ‘Hearing’ animal noises in order to ‘spy’ the animal with its familiar sound.

‘Touch’ and ‘Smell’ were up next and a little walk was called for. Round the block we went, and back, with a bunch of leaves for some special leaf rubbing. A leaf was placed on a piece of card and covered with a square of foil. The children then used their hands to rub the leaf, making the veins and the shape appear.

Cinnamon, Curry and Ginger got our nostrils working as these aromas were introduced. In turn, the children each chose which of the three ‘smells’ they wanted to make their initial in.

‘Taste’ saw Munch Time offer an array of snacks and flavours, such as olives, carrots, and pineapple. Lemons were tasted for ‘sour’, honey for ‘sweet’, and orange rind for ‘bitter’. After loads of tastes, the kids ended their activity by taste-guessing which bowl contained sugar, and which salt.

A fun theme swiftly followed by another one – Shapes.

A fresh week saw us getting psyched for Halloween by making Jack O’Lantern light jars. As the daily topic centred on ‘Squares’, small orange crêpe paper squares were cut out to stick onto glass jars, before a face was drawn on, all ready for a small candle to be placed in its centre. Voilà! A (kind of) square Halloween pumpkin!

We closed up our ‘Square’ chapter by taping a huge square on the floor. The ‘Running Square’ was where the children were supposed to place themselves once the music paused.

‘Circles’ came and went, but not before running around in them for our Exercise Class, painting with balloons to make them, and filling a load of them in with colour.

‘Triangles’ took centre stage and we decided to make some with sticks. After that, our kids were given two halves of a triangle and jigsawed them together. From that activity, these wonderful creative minds proceeded to make other pictures with their materials; volcanoes and fish at the forefront.

Daddies, dogs, daisies, elephants, emus and eggs all got an airing as the letters ‘D’ and ‘E’ came along to help us learn.

We wrapped up our week and look forward to the new one coming our way. They’ll be more Shapes to come as the theme continues.

A sunny Saturday morning played host to the Friends Corner Annual General Meeting, alongside Christina’s Yellow Submarine Drama Workshop, as well as the brilliant Usborne Books Pop-Up Stall lovingly run by Felicia, who did a great job getting all orders ready for collection by members who’d previously ordered.

The Meeting held an interesting mix of opinions, concluding with the knowledge that we care for this precious club and it is the reason why we are all here working, writing, reading, doing, sharing, and caring. Thanks again to everyone for their support of Friends Corner. This amazing legacy is kept alive by YOU and your magnificent children.

As the new week begins with a continuation of our Shapes theme, we also look forward to our ‘Baby Day Tuesdays’, Yoga Afternoons, Pottery Evenings, Drama Saturdays, Usborne book reading, and Free Play fun. Halloween build-up and good times are also on the menu, alongside wishing all our friends who celebrate it a very Happy Diwali.

Yes, we are most definitely up and away!

Until next time..

Never lose your sense of wonder.


Happy Faces And Frowning Fish


As we welcomed an October sky so blue, the sun shone down on our little clubhouse in the quiet suburbs, warming up what was sure to be another great week.

Other than a brilliant ‘Baby Day’ involving yoga and massage for the fresher citizens of this wonderful world, over at Friends Corner we had the fabulous theme of Feelings going on.

For our first venture into our ‘Theme of the Week’, we got down to the nitty-gritty of ‘Happy’ and ‘Sad’.

Our clever toddlers were pretty clued up on these two feelings. Even pulling happy and sad faces to show what these two emotions ‘looked’ like.

To go with these two feelings, the children first made faces using pieces of card and contact paper. It was up to them if they wanted their faces to be happy or sad.

For Munch Time, sad faces made of banana slice eyes, grape noses and apple wedge mouths, were made into happy faces. However, by the time they were ‘happy’, they were also mostly nose-less thanks to a certain little munchkin, Ioli, eating all the grapes!

Story Time got us reading all about the ‘Frown Fish’. Poor little mite, he looked unhappy but he was just swimming upside down! A great day, and happy endings all round.

Back-to-school, and after our morning exercise routine, which essentially involves a handful of mothers and their children jumping around like circus escapees, it was time to tackle more facial expression crafts, but before we did that, we went on a little nature walk.

The children were given small brown paper bags which they were to fill with anything from nature they could find that would go on their paper plate faces. Once the bags were each full of leaves and flowers, etc., we made our way back to the Clubhouse to get started on our crafts.

Oh, the fabulous end results were a joy to behold. Tis rather amazing what a few twigs and leaves can do..

A new day and we continued with our ‘Theme of the Week’; Feelings. This was the day where we had a look at ‘Angry’, ‘Scared’, and ‘Surprised’.

After trying to master the facial expressions that typically accompany these emotions, we had another go at crafting something.

By showing our little ones a template of each facial expression for the ‘feelings’ that we were talking about, they attempted to draw their own ‘angry’, ‘scared’ and ‘surprised’ faces, before sticking their circles of paper on the end of craft lolly sticks.
Another successful project done and dusted.

What with countless Play Dough cupcakes, animal shapes and squiggly worms being made, a brilliant Friday morning Music Time jam, our week at Friends Corner hit another jackpot.

We’ll start the new week with a fresh theme, The Senses, and a big dollop of Happy.

Do come along. You’ll never know unless you try.

Until next time..

Piglet: “How do you spell ‘Love’?”
Pooh: “You don’t spell it, you feel it”