Happy Faces And Frowning Fish


As we welcomed an October sky so blue, the sun shone down on our little clubhouse in the quiet suburbs, warming up what was sure to be another great week.

Other than a brilliant ‘Baby Day’ involving yoga and massage for the fresher citizens of this wonderful world, over at Friends Corner we had the fabulous theme of Feelings going on.

For our first venture into our ‘Theme of the Week’, we got down to the nitty-gritty of ‘Happy’ and ‘Sad’.

Our clever toddlers were pretty clued up on these two feelings. Even pulling happy and sad faces to show what these two emotions ‘looked’ like.

To go with these two feelings, the children first made faces using pieces of card and contact paper. It was up to them if they wanted their faces to be happy or sad.

For Munch Time, sad faces made of banana slice eyes, grape noses and apple wedge mouths, were made into happy faces. However, by the time they were ‘happy’, they were also mostly nose-less thanks to a certain little munchkin, Ioli, eating all the grapes!

Story Time got us reading all about the ‘Frown Fish’. Poor little mite, he looked unhappy but he was just swimming upside down! A great day, and happy endings all round.

Back-to-school, and after our morning exercise routine, which essentially involves a handful of mothers and their children jumping around like circus escapees, it was time to tackle more facial expression crafts, but before we did that, we went on a little nature walk.

The children were given small brown paper bags which they were to fill with anything from nature they could find that would go on their paper plate faces. Once the bags were each full of leaves and flowers, etc., we made our way back to the Clubhouse to get started on our crafts.

Oh, the fabulous end results were a joy to behold. Tis rather amazing what a few twigs and leaves can do..

A new day and we continued with our ‘Theme of the Week’; Feelings. This was the day where we had a look at ‘Angry’, ‘Scared’, and ‘Surprised’.

After trying to master the facial expressions that typically accompany these emotions, we had another go at crafting something.

By showing our little ones a template of each facial expression for the ‘feelings’ that we were talking about, they attempted to draw their own ‘angry’, ‘scared’ and ‘surprised’ faces, before sticking their circles of paper on the end of craft lolly sticks.
Another successful project done and dusted.

What with countless Play Dough cupcakes, animal shapes and squiggly worms being made, a brilliant Friday morning Music Time jam, our week at Friends Corner hit another jackpot.

We’ll start the new week with a fresh theme, The Senses, and a big dollop of Happy.

Do come along. You’ll never know unless you try.

Until next time..

Piglet: “How do you spell ‘Love’?”
Pooh: “You don’t spell it, you feel it”


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