Shaping Up And Making Sense


We’ve had such sweet times these past couple of weeks that I don’t know where to begin..

I’ll start with the fact that we have an amazing club that is thriving with activity and warmth. This play-school, and all that it is, is thanks to a group of people who care. Thank you, Caring Folk, it’s a sincere pleasure merging with you all.

So..The Senses.. Yeah, that was fun.. Our famous Gym Class got our munchkins stretching their ears, blinking, winking, looking up and down, breathing in through their noses, feeling their hands and their bones. Essentially, focussing on all bodily tools that channel the senses.

Project Time was a whirl of ‘Sight’ and ‘Hearing’. The children made binoculars with their hands and played ‘I Spy With My Little Eye’. Large animal flash cards were placed on the table as our tiddlers got ‘Hearing’ animal noises in order to ‘spy’ the animal with its familiar sound.

‘Touch’ and ‘Smell’ were up next and a little walk was called for. Round the block we went, and back, with a bunch of leaves for some special leaf rubbing. A leaf was placed on a piece of card and covered with a square of foil. The children then used their hands to rub the leaf, making the veins and the shape appear.

Cinnamon, Curry and Ginger got our nostrils working as these aromas were introduced. In turn, the children each chose which of the three ‘smells’ they wanted to make their initial in.

‘Taste’ saw Munch Time offer an array of snacks and flavours, such as olives, carrots, and pineapple. Lemons were tasted for ‘sour’, honey for ‘sweet’, and orange rind for ‘bitter’. After loads of tastes, the kids ended their activity by taste-guessing which bowl contained sugar, and which salt.

A fun theme swiftly followed by another one – Shapes.

A fresh week saw us getting psyched for Halloween by making Jack O’Lantern light jars. As the daily topic centred on ‘Squares’, small orange crêpe paper squares were cut out to stick onto glass jars, before a face was drawn on, all ready for a small candle to be placed in its centre. Voilà! A (kind of) square Halloween pumpkin!

We closed up our ‘Square’ chapter by taping a huge square on the floor. The ‘Running Square’ was where the children were supposed to place themselves once the music paused.

‘Circles’ came and went, but not before running around in them for our Exercise Class, painting with balloons to make them, and filling a load of them in with colour.

‘Triangles’ took centre stage and we decided to make some with sticks. After that, our kids were given two halves of a triangle and jigsawed them together. From that activity, these wonderful creative minds proceeded to make other pictures with their materials; volcanoes and fish at the forefront.

Daddies, dogs, daisies, elephants, emus and eggs all got an airing as the letters ‘D’ and ‘E’ came along to help us learn.

We wrapped up our week and look forward to the new one coming our way. They’ll be more Shapes to come as the theme continues.

A sunny Saturday morning played host to the Friends Corner Annual General Meeting, alongside Christina’s Yellow Submarine Drama Workshop, as well as the brilliant Usborne Books Pop-Up Stall lovingly run by Felicia, who did a great job getting all orders ready for collection by members who’d previously ordered.

The Meeting held an interesting mix of opinions, concluding with the knowledge that we care for this precious club and it is the reason why we are all here working, writing, reading, doing, sharing, and caring. Thanks again to everyone for their support of Friends Corner. This amazing legacy is kept alive by YOU and your magnificent children.

As the new week begins with a continuation of our Shapes theme, we also look forward to our ‘Baby Day Tuesdays’, Yoga Afternoons, Pottery Evenings, Drama Saturdays, Usborne book reading, and Free Play fun. Halloween build-up and good times are also on the menu, alongside wishing all our friends who celebrate it a very Happy Diwali.

Yes, we are most definitely up and away!

Until next time..

Never lose your sense of wonder.


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