Singing In The Rain


As the warm Autumn Sun shone on the quiet streets of our Athenian suburb, we began our week back at the Clubhouse by continuing with our Shapes theme.

Having had loads of fun with squares, circles, and triangles the previous week, we finally got acquainted with Mr. Oval. This wonderful shape helped us with a bit of number recognition also.

Numbers 1-10 were each written on ten large oval-shaped pieces of card and placed on the ground outside in the yard. The brilliant Friends Corner kids run around the ovals, stopping on a number once the music paused. Someone then had to draw a card from a pack with numbers 1-10 on them. Whoever was standing on the correlating oval received a cheer, which was fun!

Back inside, and as our build-up to Halloween continues, ghosts were the order of the day. Using oval shaped eyes and mouths our ghosts, rather ironically, “came to life”..

With spooky ghosts whirling around the Clubhouse, it was time to get out the balloons, bring out the cake, and wish our dear Aristotelis a very happy third birthday.

And, after more singing, whirling, and yummy cake, Monday was done, and with it the myth that Mondays are no good was put to rest.

Tuesday came around and Yoga was the order of the day. Babies and Toddlers, as well as mummies/nannies/grannies, sent waves of Zen throughout the Clubhouse.

The Evening Club Pottery Workshop saw our tiddlers shaping piggy banks out of clay. Getting ready to save their pennies for them rainy days ahead.

Happy exercise fun started our mid-week day as the kids enjoyed games in the yard outside. A track was laid down forming an Obstacle Course that aided a brilliant game of ‘Red Light, Green Light’.

Rectangles were our shape of choice for the day. Play dough ones quickly moulded into other objects and shapes before large card rectangles were used to thread wool through them. Songs galore were sung and another day was done.

And then the rain came..

More Baby Yoga was on order, as was the conclusion of our Shapes theme on this beautiful boggy Thursday.

Our theme involved getting all the shapes together (cut out of card) and making spooky Halloween monsters out of them. A great success of an activity and some brilliant monsters to boot!

New members helped to make our Song Time all the more fun as we got singing in the rain. Well, singing and watching the rain, anyway.

The Dressing-Up Box got an airing as it poured outside. Our little ones chose costumes to be part of a ‘parade’ where they played Simon Says in fancy dress! “Simon says, ‘time to wind down'”, and with that, another memory-making morning was over at Friends Corner.

As the skies stayed grey, the last day of the week beckoned more rain, alongside a day indoors painting big dinosaurs and singing songs. Play dough sculpting, puppet games, little car races, and Story Time all left their mark, and it was time to go home and get ready for the weekend.

And, here we are.. Saturday morning saw the Clubhouse open once again for its warm and welcoming Coffee Morning.

The new week will find us talking about a new theme; Colours. We’ll be decorating our clubhouse for Halloween, and preparing for our party on Halloween Night. Our Evening Club and Saturday Morning Workshops will be in full flow, as will we.

We’ll be updating you on loads of fun things that we’ve got in store, including our first Themed Thursday which will focus on Bonfire Night. Look out for that.

For now, enjoy these stunning rainy days and nights. What a wonderful way to clear the air.

Until next time..

When life gives you a rainy day, play in the puddles.


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