Autumn Rainbows And A Happy Halloween


We began a fresh week in the crisp October sunshine. Although a few snivelly noses were missing at the Clubhouse as a spectrum of colour gave way to falling leaves and Halloween frolics, our day didn’t dampen under the chilly autumn sky.

Our theme was Colours, and our kids went looking for rainbows.

Exercise Time saw our tiddlers running around with colourful streamer cups. An amazing ‘picture’ of flying rainbows and laughter.

Re-fuelling at Munch Time got our little ones energised for a colour coordinating activity. An arch of colours was placed on the table as Lego and small toy pieces and parts were matched to red, orange, green, blue, yellow, indigo and violet. The finished result was a proud beaming rainbow. Well done, munchkins!
Song Time was a fun affair taking place on the big wooden car in the yard. Singing while driving. Winning!

‘Letter of the Week’ came next, and ‘F’ was our subject.
A classic Friends Corner Nature Walk was on the cards and the children lined up with their little collection bags ready to pick up some Falling leaves. The autumn weather gave us the perfect setting for this activity
Back at the Clubhouse, the collected leaves were made into a college in the shape of the letter ‘F’. ‘Falling leaves in the Fall’.
Story Time, play dough sculpting, bike riding and more, rounded off our day.

The Ohi Day national holiday meant the Clubhouse remained closed the following day. But, we were back mid-week and, as Halloween beckoned, we took advantage of our topic for the day, ‘Black and White’, and made some spooky ghosts..

Said ghosts were made by drawing round each child’s little hand with white chalk on black card. The children then coloured them in with the white chalk before turning them upside down and smudging on two eyes and a spooky mouth. Boo!

Pretending to be creepy crawly spiders occupied our little ones for a while as did a very enthusiastic Song Time involving some drum banging (thanks, Stevie!) and exceptionally animated Action Songs.

The next day, as Baby Yoga was relaxing mums and babies at the Clubhouse, our themed activity got all our ‘bigger’ little ones together painting on one big piece of paper. Sticking with the black and white theme, the children painted black squiggles and shapes until it was time to add white. As those inevitable shades of grey formed, more doodles were painted and the sky outside took on the same hue. Autumn well and truly arrived, and we made our way home wrapped up in our warm clothes with big smiles on our faces.

Friday, and Friends Corner was awash with music, song, stories and play. The sun went down, and our Halloween Party was getting in the swing of things. Princesses, pirates, witches and pumpkins all came along. Thanks to the brilliant face-painting we had, we also had tigers, bats and rainbow fairies. Yummy food made by everyone (thank you!) took pride of place on our party table. Kids ran around, mums and dads caught up with their peers, and Felicia was there with her brilliant Usborne Pop-Up Book Stall.

The cold, windy Halloween night, filled with fun and friendship, was the perfect way to say goodbye to October.

Our first November week will get us talking all about the world. We’ll be looking at countries and flags. We’ll also have our Seasonal Calendar open for ‘Bonfire Night’, which we’ll be celebrating in depth on our first Themed Thursday at our Thursday Evening Club.

And, all the while, we’ll be wrapping up warm and loving the stunning changes that autumn brings.

Happy month!

Until next time..

“Come, little leaves”, said the wind one day,
“Come over the meadows with me and play;
Put on your dresses of red and gold;
For summer is gone, and the days grow cold.”

– George Cooper


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