Connecting Worldwide


Oh, November! How you managed to give so many of us a big dose of the snivels and a stomping dry cough, we’ll never know. Albeit, we still managed to have a great time with you..

And, while many of us were feeling a little poorly, Friends Corner was up and running as usual, with some truly amazing themes that got our little ones thinking, learning, participating and connecting.

One of this month’s theme was The World, where the children looked at countries, continents, cities, villages, people and homes. They crafted flags, buildings and maps, they performed activities where they looked at differences between towns and hamlets, and they connected with their fellow Earthlings by talking about how there are children, just like them, living all over the world.

Diversity, and the strength and beauty within it, was further explored with the theme that followed; Cultural Festivals.

Diwali got our little ones celebrating this ‘Festival of Lights’ by drawing colourful Rangolis, and the Lunar New Year was celebrated Chinese style!

Images of magnificent firework displays and drummers drumming to welcome in the new year mesmerised us all. The children helped to clean ‘away the old year’, dressed up, and received red envelopes with a small gift. All before making some colourful dragons.

Eid and Hanukkah then took their turns. Our children celebrated these popular festivals by making crafts involving crescent moons and Menorahs.

Rounding off our Cultural Festivals theme, we welcomed the fourth Thursday of the eleventh month by showing our gratitude on Thanksgiving. To remember this special day, colourful turkeys were made!

And, we’ll be continuing with birds, as well as animals, as a fresh week comes our way where we welcome both a new theme – Animal Kingdom – and December.

The wonderful Friends Corner Morning Programme that also offers ‘Letter of the Week’, Song, Music, and Story Time, as well as Baby Yoga on Tuesdays, is thriving as we continue to embrace new members.

Evening Club, open on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and Coffee Morning Saturdays are hubs of play and (on the Tuesday) pottery. Monthly Themed Thursdays, seasonal parties and informative seminars given by valued sponsors of Friends Corner are sweet bonuses.

Additional excitement comes with the run-up to Christmas, and looking forward to the Friends Corner Christmas Bazaar and Party in a couple of weeks time.

Before that magnificence, though, we have some brilliant mornings and fabulous afternoons to attend at our clubhouse. Hot tea, a warm welcome, play, crafts, and workshops await you and your little ones.

Join us for our annual glitter explosion as we wave goodbye to November, say a big HELLO to December, and take a step closer to another cultural festival; Yuletide.

Until next time..

“We may all be different fish, but in this school we swim together”


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