A Festive Thank You


Just popping in to thank everybody who made the Friends Corner Christmas Party and Bazaar the happy and fun occasion that it was. Thank you!

We opened our doors at 11am, and every person, big and small, that walked in was full of smiles, warmth and Christmas joy.

Our Bazaar vendors, with their wonderful crafts, items and talents, managed to make many of those present very happy, as well as solving a lot of Christmas present conundrums. The Friends Corner Bake Sale showcased some sweet and savoury bakes and fed the peckish. Tea and coffee flowed and added extra warmth to one and all.

A highlight for many was the arrival of Father Christmas, who handed out a gift for each child, as well as a juicy tangerine! Thank you, Father Christmas. You really played a huge part in making some beautiful memories that day..

And finally, thanks to all of you. For your presence, your support and, of course, your wonderful children who not only make this club what it is, but who also give us the motivation to keep on working to make it better and better.


Until next time..

May your days be merry and bright..


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