Food Glorious Food


Welcome back, everyone. And, a very happy new year!

We’re back in the swing of things at Friends Corner after the wonderful and sweet excesses of Christmas time.

And, if you didn’t dive into your Christmas and New Year dinners enough, we began our new school year by focusing on the yummy theme that is Food.

After wishes, greetings, warm hugs and enquiries – parents, guardians and kids got stuck in as we chatted about food..

As was only right, we kicked off with ‘Favourite Foods’. Pictures of well-loved meals were shown to the children; Spaghetti Bolognese, Chicken dishes, Greek lentil stew, and hearty salads were just a few. After naming them, the kids chose which ones they liked before talking about their favourite foods. Who could have known that, when Ms. Spaghetti Bolognese invented her dish, it would become the go-to dish of kids everywhere?!

Drawing, singing, bike-riding, dress-up and more, were additional play and activities that began our new year. And, they spilled into the next couple of days that followed, before the weekend break came our way.

A fresh, new week came round and Monday was our day for taking a look at, ‘Where Our Food Comes From’. Munch Time allowed us to open the discussion and we spoke of bread and its genesis from an ear of wheat, carrots that were dug from the ground, pears that begun their life on a tree, etc.

We discussed how every time we bite into an apple, someone planted a seed – every time we eat a fish, the fisherman went out to sea – and that every time we enjoy a glass of water, somebody dug a well.

After Munch Time, we poured into the Blue Room and got stuck into Story Time. Our chosen book set us up for the whole theme of Food. We sat together and read about food; where it comes from, where we buy it, where we store it, how we use it, and much more. Mums and nannies were as entranced as the kids!

The Themed Activity of the day got the children categorising different foods and placing them in groups. With pictures of various fruit, vegetables and other food stuff, fruit trees, nut trees, crops and dairy produce pictures were made and proudly displayed.

A day of Baby and Toddler fun followed as well as a fun Tuesday Evening Club before we got back into our theme midweek.

Wednesday gave us the opportunity to focus exclusively on ‘Fruit and Vegetables’. So, again, with Munch Time as our guide, we talked about what each child was eating and matched their snacks to the children’s trees, crop, and dairy pictures that were on display.

Allergies were spoken of, and the children named all the fruit and vegetables that they could see in the pictures. Then it was time to chop some oranges and lemons in half and have great fun making pizza shapes from the fruit half dipped in paint. This activity was a huge hit and it allowed another bunch of masterpieces to hang proudly in our clubhouse.

As our week was coming to a close, ‘International Cuisine’ took centre-stage. Alongside Greek and other experimental cooking in their homes, the Friends Corner kids enjoy an array of traditionally prepared foods from all over the world- Korean jeon pancakes, Middle-Eastern zataar-garnished dishes, English teatime, South African Braais, Irish stew, Russian borscht, Polish bigos, Swiss cheese fondue, Antipodean pavlova and Kenyan pancakes are just a few of these delights.

So, as these internationally-sound kids got going, a world map guided a discussion regarding global foods. South American bananas, Asian mangoes, Australasian kiwis, European honey and apples, African coffee beans and North American raisins all got an airing. As did talk of meals that are associated with certain places.

Carrot collages were next on the menu (pun intended). The children were given pieces of orange paper cut into squares, and a carrot-shaped piece of card. They got sticking and turned their carrot shapes orange before topping it off with some lovely green (leaves).

As our fun Food theme came to an end, a winter sun shone so brightly. The children got happy playing ‘In and Out the Window’ on the bikes. The idea was to follow the ‘In and Out the Window’ pattern on the bike. Whoever managed got a sticker. Funnily enough, every kid did. We seem to have talented cyclists among us..

The sun continued to shine as Home Time came round, and we waved goodbye to a thoroughly enjoyable theme.

Thursday Evening Club was back in full new year swing later on that afternoon, and Friday swung by allowing for Free Play and craft fun at our cosy clubhouse.

And, after a sweet weekend, we’ll be back for a new week and looking forward to beginning a brilliant new theme; The Seasons.

Join us for some happy learning, fun times and warm vibes. Our door is open.

Until next time..

Good food is all the sweeter when shared with good friends.


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