Seasons In The Sun


The Seasons was our port of call theme-wise and we threw ourselves right in..

Seeing as we are in it, we started off by having a little look at winter. We spoke of cold, snow, wind and ice…as a sweet Greek winter sun shone brightly outside.

Taping down a ‘start’ and a ‘finish’ line, and armed with a straw and a feather each, the kids got down to some Feather Racing. ‘Wind’ being the reference. Some hard-run marathons were had where everyone was a winner.

Painting kept our little racers busy next as they blobbed ‘snowflakes’ onto a tree-shaped piece of card making a magnificent ‘winter tree’. White paint galore!

Toddler and Baby Day saw a different kind of happy chaos at the Clubhouse that led us into midweek. Spring was in the air in our club for that day’s topic.

A plastic cup, some damp cotton wool and a fistful of lentils allowed our tiddlers to enjoy planting these pulses in their own little ‘greenhouses’.

Flower pictures were created using plastic forks dipped in paint, and spring trees were made by sticking colourful paper blooms on little trees made of card. Beautiful creations that got us all thinking of the rejuvenating season that awaits us just around the corner.

‘P’ was our Letter of the Week, and alongside images of peas, pumpkins, parrots and pigs, summer trees grew at our activity table. Happy, green and luscious summer trees, made outside in the yard as the sun continued to shine.

That same day, Evening Club Themed Thursday was a fun affair as we celebrated with the theme: New Year Traditions. A lovingly prepared Kenyan black-eyed bean dish was enjoyed by all, as was the cutting of a Greek New Year Pie; Vassilopitta.

A Friday and Saturday of Free Play fun was had, before picking up where we left off.

Autumn’s turn, and activities started with a guessing game. A song was sung referring to a season as we typically know it. The children had to guess which season was being sung about.

A little leaf-collecting activity from around the Clubhouse yard and garden was had. So, armed with a pocketful of leaves, our little ones got down to putting together their Autumn Trees. But first, they colour-coordinated their leaves into typically autumn colours. Curious minds, learning prompts, crumbling leaves and a bit of glue came together to give us some truly amazing results.

As the children admired their ‘Four Season Trees’ displayed together, we wrapped up another fun theme at Friends Corner.

Song Time, Story Time, Exercise Time, Drawing Time, Cutting-Shapes Times, Alphabet Learning Time, and good old-fashioned ‘Fun Time’ made our days all the better. And we’re raring to go with our next theme.

Weather is up next, and we’re looking forward to all the fun activities coming our way.

Join us, rain or shine.

Until next time..

I’m glad I live
where seasons change,
I like my world
to rearrange.


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