Pancakes, Snow And Happy Hearts


So much has been learned, created and played since we last spoke. Please read on and let me tell you all about it..

We’ve been doing lots of things and looking at different themes over these passed days. For our Weather theme we made snowmen and snow ladies for ‘Snowy Days’. We made our own special snow for the occasion that proved to be a big hit with one and all. It was even fun cleaning it all up!

For ‘Cold Days’, we played the Find-The-Snowball-Under-The-Mitten game, and we made ‘woolly’ hats out of crêpe paper and colourful pom-poms. For ‘Windy Days’, we released feathers outside and watched the wind carry them in a whirl, and we had feather races too! We ate sunshine snacks and made beautiful suns using balloons dipped in paint for ‘Sunny Days’.

And, our little ones were so happy when their Weather theme fun witnessed the snow falling for real outside, meaning only one thing; scarves, hats, gloves and coats were called for, and out the children went for snow time frolics.

Our alphabet-learning over these fun days focussed on R, S and T. Our tiddlers made rainy Raindrops, slippery Snakes and terrific Trains and Trees.

We had brilliant Seasonal Calendar themes too! ‘Valentine’s Day’, ‘Tsiknopempti‘, ‘Carnival’, and ‘Pancake Day’ all took their turn.

We made Valentine and butterfly hearts, clown faces and mouse masks. Circles of ‘pancakes’ were cut and stacked to see ‘how many pancakes tall’ our Friends Corner kids are. A pleasant Tsiknopempti lunch was had on ‘Charred Thursday’, and pancakes were made on Shrove Tuesday.
Yoga, Music Days, singing, dancing, puzzle-making, and puppet-playing added to our days of fun.

And, then it was time for a new theme; Days of the Week.

As we counted the days of the week, the children used pegs to place cotton wool pieces on seven blobs of glue. We then focussed on weekdays and enjoyed our talk about what activities were done by our little ones during the week. The kids animatedly spoke of going to the playground on Mondays, Ballet on Tuesdays, Football on Wednesdays, Gymnastics on Thursdays, and to Granma’s on Fridays.

The children then did a maths activity where they placed pom-poms in boxes, correlating to the number written below the boxes.
To close our Days of the Week learning for the time being, we learned how to sign each day in sign language.

And, there’s more to come.. We’ll be flying kites on Monday 23 February for the Greek ‘Clean’ Monday holiday, so the Clubhouse will be closed that day. But, we begin our new week the following day and continuing with our Days of the Week theme, where we’ll be taking a look at ‘Weekends’.

And, what’s more, we’ll be working towards the Friends Corner Fancy Dress Party on Saturday 28 February, where we’ll wear our carnival costumes one last time before putting them away for the spring.

Join us any day, whatever the weather.

Until next time..

“What day is it?”, asked Pooh. “It’s today”, squeaked Piglet. “My favourite day”, said Pooh.