Beach Balls, Bouncing And Mother Nature


The beauty of our planet takes centre stage at Friends Corner these days. Nature and Environment our theme, and we’re walking through it.


Kicking off our theme were manmade constructions within our environment, and we took the liberty of talking about ‘City Parks and Zoos’.

Discovering that all our tiddlers had enjoyed park strolls and zoo trips, there really was only one thing to do; pretend to be pretty much every animal found in the zoo!


The clubhouse yard became the enclaves of a zoo as rhinos charged, kangaroos bounced, lions roared and giraffes wandered. Hide and Seek was played and the bouncing around continued for most of the morning.


An activity involving cutting, gluing, colouring and piecing together concluded our day’s fun. The children each had a piece of paper depicting a ‘jumbled up’ alligator. Their cutting skills were first put to the test as they cut each piece of the alligator before piecing it together, gluing it down and, finally, colouring it in.

The next day welcomed Yoga at the Clubhouse, as the littler ones breathed an air of zen before livening up with their favourite tunes for Song Time.


Midweek, and we were ready for another topic for our Nature and Environment theme. This time, something that every kid living in these parts holds dear; the beach!


First stop for our ‘Beach’ topic was sitting around the round table and talking about the beach. The kids enthusiastically spoke of what they do at the beach, what they see and find there, and how much they enjoy going. So, after mentions of sea, sand, boats, buckets and crabs, an invisible beach ball was thrown around the table as each child passed it on to one another. This game gained steam as it went on and by the end of it, that invisible ball was getting bounced all over the place!


After a filling snack for Munch Time, we were ready to get more beach ball happy with our next activity. Our little ones were each given a paper plate that had drawn on it five dividers. Each divider was numbered from 1-5, and each number had a dot of a different colour. The children were tasked to match each number to its colour before using said colour to fill in the divider. The result was a magnificent bunch of technicolour beach balls, made by a group of smart kids using brilliant skills in order to create. Proud munchkins (and mummies!) all round!


A game of Duck, Duck, Goose was played in the yard before heading back into the Clubhouse for something that had most of the kids talking of long after Home Time.


What was this impressionable thing, I hear you ask.. Well, I can tell you that a packet of digestive biscuits, a tub of yogurt and a tube of blue food colouring goes a long way. As the biscuits were blended into smooth crumbs – resembling sand, and blue colouring added to yogurt – resembling sea, the Friends Corner kids picked up their spoons and, in the words of at least one child animatedly telling his daddy and big sister all about his day, “we ate the beach!”.


A perfect end to a fun-filled day..


But, there was more to come as a new day dawned and we made our way through the clubhouse gate. That day’s adventure, as part of our Nature and Environment theme, focussed on ‘Volcanoes, Mountains and Lakes’. And, as our Alphabet learning reached the letter ‘V’, we mingled our activities and got down to some learning through play.


Lakes were first up as images flashed before the kids’ eyes of these beautiful wonders of nature. Talk of lakes and water and life found in and around them followed. Snow-capped and fire mountains were spoken of before heading outside to, literally, spread our wings.


A huge V-shape was drawn in chalk on the ground outside. The children stood along its two lines before flapping their wings and ‘flying’ in a V-shape like a flock of birds. Well, that was the idea, anyway!


Little hands and arms made out the letter ‘V’, before little legs were placed against the chalkboard wall in the shape of our ‘Letter of the Week’.

Then, to the table the children went where they found taped down pieces of card. Each piece of card had small lines that our little ones joined together to write out the letter ‘V’. They then unstuck their own piece of card, turned it upside down and had their own mountain. Talk of mountains with fire inside them made for a happy connection of ‘V for Volcano’.


A game of Tag, some V-shaped snacks and a good old sing-song filled the rest of our day before Home Time beckoned.


That same day, the Friends Corner Evening Club hosted its first English Through Creative Play Workshop, aimed at kids of any background wanting to make friends with the English language.


Closing our week, more yoga fun swept through our clubhouse ending another fun-filled, happy memory-making sequence.


We’ll be back for more Nature and Environment fun as a new week starts. But, that’s not all.. Evening Club workshops, Free Play, craft fun, as well as informative and worthy seminars given by supporters and advisors of Friends Corner, are all on offer. Keep up to date with these brilliant activities and events by visiting our website and Facebook page.


So, if ‘Meadows and Forests’, ‘Trees and Flowers’ move you; if having a cup of tea with kindred folk while your child builds his/her own network of pals appeals; or if just being part of something that will stay in your heart forever woos you; Friends Corner is the place for you!


Until next time..



“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”



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