Love Your Mother.. Earth

As we continued our theme of Nature and Environment we had a packed week ahead, and our little ones were raring to go..

Arriving at our cosy clubhouse for the start of a new week, out came the grey-coloured play dough that got the kids moulding rocks, rhinos and elephants. We even got some grey pizza going!

Our project focussed on the topic of ‘Forests and Meadows’, so out came a large piece of paper, which we stuck masking tape onto in the shape of trees. The children dotted paint using pom-poms attached to pegs onto the paper. Once the paper was covered in paint, the masking tape was removed and a beautiful forest came into view. 

A run-around in the yard followed by light snacks at Munch Time, prepared our kids for a little stroll around the tree-lined pavements of the Clubhouse. After picking up twigs, leaves, pine cones and other nature bits and bots, we made our way back, where a nest was put together by the children from all the things they had collected.

More fun, crafts, Yoga and Pottery Workshop was had the following day before midweek came round to get some alphabet activities going.

Our ‘Letter of the Week’ was ‘W’. So, mingling worms and watermelons, our tiddlers traced the letter, utilised their motor skills and had fun with number activities.

Preparation for our excursion to Perivoli the following day was had by talking a little more about worms and how fundamental they are to our planet, as well as chats about frogs and ponds.

Song Time, bike-riding, drawing, play dough sculpting and jigsaw puzzle doing, added to our midweek fun.

Friends Corner’s Creative English Workshop took centre-stage during Evening Club the following day. A range of ages, all backgrounds, and linguistic abilities of any kind are welcome to join. Here a group of children use stories, songs, crafts and games to interact with the English language. Guided by an enthusiastic ‘teacher’, the Evening Club kids went home hoppy and happy!

Before Evening Club, however, the Friends Corner kids, and all the big people with them, had a truly fabulous day on a field trip at Perivoli in Vari.

An oasis of green joy welcomed us as our little ones, some bigger than others, entered this beautiful space. Our wonderful hosts; Christina, Anna, Irini, and all those working at Perivoli, made our day so pleasant.

When not running around like mad, the kids stopped and explored their surroundings. Irini, our guide, made the experience all the more pleasurable as she showed us around and taught us so many things about all the living things found in this lovely place, be it vegetable, flora, chicken or worm.

Lettuce, broccoli, artichokes, strawberries, beans, herbs, a compost heap, worms, snails, chickens, cockerels, and pond life, we’re just a few of the things we spotted; many of which we learned a little more about also (thanks to Irini, and the fantastic educational programme run at Perivoli).

All who participated in this fantastic excursion, both big and small, had a truly wonderful time. But, this place of ecological sustainability, and its importance, goes way beyond sweet green trees and a space for kids to run around..

The magnificence of Perivoli, and all like it, is the spirit of conservation, awareness and living sustainably.

It espouses the virtue of “being Green”; thinking permaculturally, making it, growing it, building it. Doing all you can with what you have. 

The importance of this philosophy, and indeed lifestyle, is infinite. It is a belief in the future and what we can do in order to ‘pass it on’. 

If reading this and you happen to find yourself in Attica, a trip to Perivoli is a must – a Friends Corner recommendation!

Our ‘Green’ kids continue their learning and fun times when a new week begins at the Clubhouse. We’ll be following on from Nature and Environment with a new theme; Little Things. Spiders, ladybirds, bees, ants, dragonflies, and loads more ‘little things’ are on our learning agenda.

We’d love you to come by and join us in some memory-making. For today, though.. Happy (UK) Mother’s Day for all those who celebrate it and, in the spirit of this post.. get Green, stay Green, be Green.

Until next time..

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” 

– Native American Proverb


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