Our Fire Station Field Trip


After a lovely couple of weeks learning all about Little Things such as spiders, ladybirds, cicadas, flies and mosquitoes, it was time to begin a new theme at Friends Corner; Jobs.

Scientists, teachers, nurses, doctors and vets were all spoken about, as were police officers and firefighters.

To get into the spirit of it all, we had some fun in the sun by gathering at the Clubhouse and making our way to Hellinikon Fire Station for our theme-linked field trip.

Arriving at the Fire Station, our little ones were already excited as they played and ran around on the flowering green lawn outside. 

Making our way inside, the children looked all around. Staring at the brave firefighters in their place of work (when not out fighting fires, of course!). Open mouths and wide eyes were spotted on a bunch of little people as they took it all in.

Sitting down in the Fire Station foyer, the firefighters welcomed us and told us about the area around Athens and the southern suburbs that they operate, and also a little about why we need firefighters.

Itchy little feet were raring to see the big red fire engines; the wheels of the brave. And, with so much fidgeting and anticipation, our cue to go outside to where they were parked was given.

The firefighters proceeded to show us the art of sharing as they invited each child to try on their uniform jackets and helmets. Happy kids, whiny kids, smiley kids, excited kids, shy kids, wanna-try-it-on-again kids; we had it all.

Then came out the fire hose.. A brief talk of why water is used to put out fires, and a Q and A of who has ever seen a fire was had before each child – and some mums – had a go at blasting the hose pipe. That was really fun. But, perhaps the best was yet to come; ‘driving’ the fire engine!

As each little rookie firefighter took the steering wheel, happy faces beamed and a dozen beautiful memories were made.

Trying to pull the kids away from the fire engines, and back inside the Station, proved to be quite a task, but we managed it eventually. And, with a quick summary of our day, a big thank you to the brave firefighters who hosted us all so wonderfully, and a brief mention of how to keep fire-safe, we could hear some little bellies rumbling.

Back outside on the lushious green lawn, an informal picnic was laid down as our little munchkins tucked into their snacks. 

A quick run-around the grass before heading off, and our day was complete.. Sweet memories made.

Until next time..

Be bold. Be brave. Be you.