The Friends Corner Summer Fair


In its thirty third year, and Friends Corner goes from strength to strength. This is only possible thanks to the parents that dedicate themselves to running this magnificent place, and you, our supporters.

Not a day goes by where the benefits of what you all do can be seen around us. The result; happy, grounded children who have the opportunity to learn, play and shine in surroundings that are comfortable, safe and full of warmth. Their parents and guardians by their side, an added brilliance.

As a parent-run play group and family club, Friends Corner depends on the commitment of our members, and dedication to a very worthy cause.

Those familiar with ‘Our Story’ will be aware of how we began life. Thirty three years later we strive to continue this legacy.

To celebrate the end of the school year, to thank you all, and in aid of Friends Corner, we are ready to welcome you all to our Summer Fair.

Taking place on Sunday 7 June, in Voula, we await you and your friends for a truly fun afternoon.

They’ll be hot and cold food, drinks, a Bake Sale, a kids craft table, face painting, music with Lily, live music, a raffle, and even a couple of Yoga sessions!

The raffle sees an impressive array of prizes to be won. Our brilliant supporters, as well as other generous souls, have come together to offer prizes including day trips, beauty treatments, hair treatments, computer maintenance, books, gold jewellery, and hotel breaks.

Our special guests come in the form of live music. And, we are delighted that our friends and supporters from LAB Music Education will be performing an acoustic set of well-loved, popular songs with their band, Positive Red.

Please come along and enjoy a brilliant day with us. Bring your family – old and young, your pals and your dancing shoes!

For location details and/or any other enquiries give us a call, or drop us a line at: fcglyfada@gmail.com

The Friends Corner Summer Fair. Sunday 7 June, from 4pm.

See you there.

Until next time..

Every summer has a story.


On The Go


We’ve been looking at things that go recently at Friends Corner, and what a ride we’ve had! 

Our Transport theme got us thinking about land, sea, space and air, and how we get around them all.

A sunny day brought another new week, and we had some fun with aeroplanes. After ‘flying’ through the air, our international kids spoke of their many travels on aircraft and the countries they’ve visited with it. 

Colourful aeroplanes were then made with card and glue, as windows, wings and tails were added onto a paper plane ‘body’. Some even added a pilot in a cockpit. These kids know how planes work!

After a break from their artistry with some Tag playing and a small snack, it was time for our little ones to talk traffic lights.

Colours, order, safety and respect were all spoken about. Motor skills were then used to cut out red, amber and green circles to stick onto a black rectangle in order to make a traffic light.

Staying on topic, our focus turned to the Pedestrian Code, where traffic lights are ‘seen’ in another way. We spoke of feet being a mode of transport, as well as the paramount importance of pedestrian safety. And, with that, it was time for our tiddlers to use their carriages of choice and make their way home.

As we continued the beautiful ride that is learning, a new day at the Clubhouse began with some exercise. With sweet musical beats riding in the spring air, our kids got their energy flowing by, basically, running around like loons!

Once mummies, daddies and nannies were completely exhausted, it was time to get the kids inside and look at our activity for the day; boats!

Happy crafting became a reality as boats came to life on seas of blue paper. Boats, masts, sails got together and were ready to set sail. Even fish and a couple of sharks made the cut on a couple of the finished masterpieces.

Cities, seas and meadows were built with the help of Lego, and Song Time was sung in the sun. And, there ended another cool day at Friends Corner.

And.. it was onto the next..

Our last day of working with our Transport theme, centred on the magnificence of the Hot Air Balloon.

As an impromptu Yoga session was enjoyed by some mummies and babies, we got happy with some gloopy glue and bits of card that would grace our huge hot air balloon.

The finished result was awesome, and as it took pride of place in the Clubhouse, it made us dream of the places it could take us. 

The springtime sunshine played its part as wonderful host for Munch Time outside; as well as inspiring a couple of our girls to dress up in butterfly wings. Story Time, bike riding, and puppet playing rounded off another beautiful day.

Music with Lily gave life to the end of the week, before some free play fun was had on Saturday morning. All in all, another great week at Friends Corner – high fives all round!

So, we look forward to continuing our journey of learning through play, as a new week blesses our lives. Numbers is our theme and we’re counting on you (pardon the pun!) to be part of these wonderful memory-making days.

Before I go, I’d like to say that, as we slowly wrap the school year up, we have many great things to look forward to before hitting the beach, good and proper.. Alongside, our weekday morning programme and our Saturday free play fun, we have some great seminars and talks taking place, Usborne Books, and our Summer BBQ. 

So, as you can see, we’re happily on the go. Join us. There is always a spare seat.

Until next time..

“Buy the ticket. Take the ride.”

– Hunter S. Thompson


The Heat Is On!


We’re nearly half way through the year (Yikes!), so we thought we’d celebrate this majestic notion by learning the Months of the Year

We began our theme the week before by counting marshmallows to put in our hot chocolate mugs for January; making Valentine’s Day cards for February; and singing about rainbows for March.

As the summer came early to Greece, we stored away our winter coats and got down to a new week at Friends Corner.

Continuing our Months of the Year theme, it was the turn of April, May and June. For April, cotton wool, colourful raindrops, gloopy glue, and counting skills were needed. The mission: make a cloud that has 10 falling raindrops.

For May, a walk around the quiet streets of Ano Glyfada, in order to collect flowers and leaves, was required. Back at the Clubhouse, a Spring Wreath was made with lots of love and fun.

As the week continued to heat up, talk of days at the beach brought June to the fore and shell-making was our craft of choice. Recapping all the months learned so far, more fun was had drawing May flowers on the blackboard wall. 

Song Time in the sun, Munch Time with friends, Story Time on the sofa, and an impromptu percussion session by the kids, all made these hours at our Clubhouse even more exciting. And, the heat was ON!

A new (very hot) day, and it was time to talk about July, August and September. More seaside talk was had for July, and a sea (!) of jellyfish was made. Beautifully coloured streamers and googly eyes made for an eye-catching and all-round fun activity. This was followed by August ice lollies, lovingly made and looking good enough to eat!

Talk of school (which, some of this year’s Friends Corner kids will be moving onto after the summer) and learning to read and write introduced us to September. Each child’s name was faintly written on a piece of paper placed on the table. The children recognised their names and sat down by it in order to write over the faint lines and boldly produce their names.

With more fun songs, story books, bike riding, music and role play, our tiddlers finished up their week and were all set for their weekend to begin.

A new week will see us continue with our Months of the Year theme, as we learn about October, November and December. Following that, we’ll begin a new theme; Transport. We’ll also be paying a visit to the Music Lab for a fun and educational excursion.

Join us as we continue to make some fabulous memories both inside and outside of our clubhouse.

Until next time..

How small you are for such a great destiny..