A Thank You Note


Summertime has hit us, and we’ve wrapped up the school year here at Friends Corner – and, what a blast we’ve had!

So many people have played a huge part in making a success of another great year at this precious club of ours.

First and foremost, absolutely nothing is possible without the support from you; our members, visitors and friends. To all of you – Thank you.

With you, we finished up the school year with The Friends Corner Summer Fair. A fun, family event held in aid of the Club.

We had music, singing, yummy food and cakes, Yoga with Ariadne, crafts and face painting (paintmeathens@gmail.com), as well as some wonderful raffle prizes. 

All this only possible thanks to the generous souls who gave their time, donations and nous – Thank you.

The Friends Corner Team™, and all volunteers who grafted in arranging the Summer Fair and making sure that everyone was accomadated – Thank you.

All those who donated prizes for the Raffle – Thank you. They are:

Ariadne Hotel • Gold Art (gtsour@gmail.com) • Perivoli stin Vari • Cava FaidonEpic Day SpaCooking To ShareThe GeorgeiNetworkSklavenitisOenotria LandUsborne Books 

Gratitude, as always, also goes to our Advisors and Supporters, who are there for us throughout the school year – Thank you.

And, then, we find ourselves here..

..the part of this blog post where a super special THANK YOU is hollered.

This part is for Mina..

With the close of this school year, Mina is leaving us, as her own little girl moves onto ‘Big School’ and their family turn a new page.

Two years ago, Friends Corner changed hands. A new president and committee were put in place, the Clubhouse refurbished, and a new lease of life took its first breath.

Mina, a Friends Corner alumnus of nearly 30 years prior, answered our prayers when she agreed to take on the role of ‘teacher’ for the play group Morning Programme.

There are not enough words to express what Mina has meant to our “Little School”, but it is fair to say that she left an unforgettable impression on those she guided over these two years.

Thank you, Mina. For your time, your care, your laughter..for being part of this journey with us. For everything.

I will personally never forget the time we all went on a field trip to the beach, as part of one of the Morning Programme themes..

Mina had just acquired a new mobile phone and was given the job of taking photos of the day on it. Still getting used to her new phone, there really was something special about Mina having taken 25 eye-squinting ‘selfies’ because she didn’t know the camera was turned the other way, and couldn’t see the screen from the sunlight.

Ahh, memories of Mina at Friends Corner.. That one is up there with the time someone came along to enquire about the Club, and I explained that the lady lying on the ground doing bicycle kicks in the air with the kids – while wearing a belly dancer’s belt (don’t ask!) – is the ‘teacher’. *am still laughing*

Thank you, Mina. We will remember your time with us always. We’ll miss you, pal.

As for us..

We’ll be open throughout most of the summer for crafts, free play and splashing about in the paddling pools outside.

We’ll be there; happy, probably soaking wet, and waiting for you. So, come on over.

Until next time..

You are amazing.. Remember that.


One thought on “A Thank You Note

  1. Kalimera everyone! I am sorry to hear that Mina is leaving. I have joined friends corner recently, and it’s a shame our time there didn’t cross over very much! She is always so warm and friendly.

    Fay & I look forward to summer months at FC.

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