Back To It

 After a long hot summer, we’ve put on our September shoes and are ready for some fresh adventures this new school year.

The Friends Corner Morning Programme is back!

As of tomorrow, Monday 14 September, we’ll be gathering at the Clubhouse, welcoming you and your little ones, and planning what great new memories we’ll make together.

As well as our all new Morning Programme for those between 0 and 5 years old – which includes Music with Lilly every Tuesday – we also have a brand new Evening Club look. 

Evening Club will now be every Wednesday from 4:30pm when the Clubhouse will be open for play, crafts, get-togethers, events and more.

Evening Club is a wonderful way for all members to get together and enjoy a camaraderie within a great international atmosphere.

Yoga for 3-6 year olds, takes place on Saturday mornings with Ariadne, from 11am.

On Saturday 3 October, our clubhouse will host a ‘Welcome Party’ that will include some *magical* entertainment for our tiddlers, a selection of yummy bakes and cakes, hot and cold beverages, and guaranteed good vibes and giggles. So, save the date and we’ll tell you more about it soon.

This week, we’ll be singing songs, jumping around and havingn fun looking and learning all about Shapes.

Please join us as we mingle ideas, embark on a new journey together, and make a huge Memory Cake that will taste great for many years to come. Bowls and spoons at the ready.

See you there!

Until next time..

And then I realised.. adventures are the best way to learn.


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