Shaping The Future

And so we began our Friends Corner school year 2015-2016.

We started with the confidence to ask for your help. And, boy, did you deliver.

In doing our bit for the massive influx of those who have had to flee their homes with only the clothes on their back, we asked for any donations you could give. 

We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the compassion and generosity of everyone.

Besides the sheer amount of donated items received, we are also grateful to all those who have volunteered with the sorting and packing of it all.

We could not have done it without you. Thank you. There is something so fundamentally right about helping our global brothers and sisters. Here’s to a bright future for one and all.

Speaking of the future.. Our Friends Corner kids – some new to the Clubhouse, others veterans – got straight into the swing of things. 

After a long summer, they were reacquainted by playing, running around after one another, and by chatting away about all that they did over the summer holidays.

While mummies, daddies and nannies played catch-up, play dough took various guises, building blocks turned into whole cities, blank paper metamorphosed into tiles of colour, and cars raced past the chequered flag.

The Clubhouse was in full swing and had come back to life. And, with a new day, we were ready for some serious music making.

Songs in English and Greek, instrument playing, clapping and conducting was the order of the day.

As the week took shape (pardon the pun), we had fun with squares, circles, triangles, rectangles and more shapes.

Our tiddlers enthusiastically named the shapes they knew before matching blocks with their outlines and correlating each shape.

A new day saw the children again matching shapes with each outline. This time, though, they made a beautiful pattern on a hot air balloon. The addition of fluffy clouds courtesy of the very versatile cotton wool finished off the craft.

Once done with hot air ballooning, it was time to get the paints out. Kitchen towel and loo roll tubes gave us circles, while other materials have us squares, rectangles and triangles. A few other shapes got on the paper too; the most popular one commonly referred to as ‘the handprint’.

As our last day looking at Shapes came round, beautiful 3D art works made up of different sized squares were made, as were round and square shaped houses with cone-shaped roofs, square windows and rectangle doors.

We finished up by shouting out a shape name and throwing balls onto said-shape that were all happily placed on the high yard fence. Winners all round.

This week we’ll be full of apples, aeroplanes and aardvarks as we celebrate the letter A.. And after all that amazing awesomeness, we’ll be delving into Colours.

Also, please join us for our Welcome Party on Saturday 3 October, at 4:30pm.

We’re seeing September off in style and welcoming October with a bang!

Before signing off, once again, thank you all for your donations, time, compassion and care in helping those in dire need.

Until next time..

In the end only kindness matters..


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