We had a bit of a jam-packed week over at Friends Corner. Exploring the week’s theme – The Senses – with a bunch of one, two, three and four year olds does that to you.

We delighted our sight, sound, smell, touch and taste with early learning fun. And, we even managed to get down with the letter D, and Danny the Diplodocus Dinosaur.

So, a day of D for our Letter of the Week, had us dreaming up words beginning with it. We decorated Danny the Diplodocus with (let’s call them) dots, before pretending we were Dinosaurs ourselves, of course!

Feeling our way around Dinosaur Land, we got in touch with our senses before a day of Music with Lilly and some puppet playing.

The week rolled on and we had fun with activities that explored all the senses.

We made telephones for sound. AND the kids managed approximately 6 – SIX! – seconds of quiet to also enjoy the ‘sound of silence’. T’was amazing.

We made paper telescopes for sight, we felt various textures for touch, and a variety of foods were tried for smell and taste.

We then put some kernels in a popcorn machine and explored all our senses as we watched, heard, smelled and eventually touched and tasted the popcorn.

Yoga (Friday & Saturday mornings), pottery (Wednesday afternoon), Music (Tuesday morning), Song Time, Story Time, play dough sculpting, bike whizzing, puppet playing, and much more added to a fun-filled week.

As Autumn starts to properly kick in, we look forward to a fresh week of learning through play.

We’ll have a new theme; the ever popular Animal Kingdom. And we’ll be taking a trip around the corner from the Clubhouse to have a little look in the Pet Shop.

We shall be welcoming ‘Active Babies’ (Early Development and Communication Centre) for its first session at our clubhouse on Wednesday 21 October during the Morning Programme. This first session is free, will take place in the Blue Room and is ideal for tiddlers between 0 and 2.5 years old. So, come on down, babies and lil’ little ones in tow.

The coming week will also see us getting rather excited as Halloween approaches, and we put up some decorations that scream ‘pumpkin’, ‘bat’ and ‘ghost’. Boo!

Speaking of which (witch?), start getting those costumes ready for a happy Halloween. Saturday 31 October at Friends Corner, from 17:00. Put that in your cauldron and we’ll see you there.

Let the Autumn fun begin!

Until next time..

The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

– W.R. Yeats



Rainbows, buzzing bees, favourite things, and a whole lot more swept us into a new weekend, which we kicked off with the brilliant Friends Corner Welcome Party on a Saturday morning. 

We welcomed old friends and new faces, we ate cake, we drank a bit of tea, we helped out our brothers and sisters who find themselves in the midst of a refugee crisis, and we stored a few more memories.

So, here’s the bit where I thank all those who made our first party of the new school year a roaring success. 

Thanks everyone! For enjoying the day with us, for helping out, for donating to a worthy cause, and just for your general support of our precious clubhouse.

And, to round off the Thank Yous.. What would we do without our favourite little people who add all that colour to our clubhouse? Thanks, kids! You are the reason the Friends Corner legacy lives on.

And so, Monday then came round again..

“Back to school” and it was our day for Letter of the Week, with C taking centre stage.

Thinking up words with the C sound was fun before our little mechanics got together and made a car out of different parts. All that work brought Munch Time a little earlier and carrots and cucumbers were enjoyed alongside other non-c-starting snacks.

A cupcake factory took over a table where the assembly line got busy putting cupcakes together. The result being beautiful paper craft cupcakes that looked good enough to eat.

Music filled the Clubhouse the following day, as Lilly brought her guitar and got our little ones grooving.

Painting, playing, singing, and stories supplemented the day and before we knew it, it was mid-week.

Following on from last week’s theme – Me – our tiddlers were given circles of paper where they drew the faces of themselves and their families.

Mums with electric-shock hair, dads with supersonic nostrils and siblings with purple eyes, took pride of place on “Our Family Tree”, which was then decorated with painted flowers.

Easing into another theme that sat happily alongside Me, we gave a little thought to Myself

By taking a look at how the face and body work, our little ones put together a whole body from separate body parts.

There were no hands coming out of ankles, and no feet coming out of shoulders. Nope! These kids are definitely in tune with their “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes – Knees and Toes”!

And so, to honour the wonderful way hands can grip, wave and feel, we grated some soap (as you do), added in a little water and loads of loo roll, which, in turn, formed a wonderful mulch type substance that we called ‘clean mud’.

Hmmm.. As you imagine it, so it was..

One of our resident mums was even lucky enough to receive a massaging facial from her little girl using this ‘clean mud’ (I’m looking at you, Elpida!).

Paper plate faces, Song Time, Story Time, play dough sculpting, bike riding, Yoga-loving, puppet playing, and general jumping around welcomed the week’s end.

And, as a new Saturday came round, our ‘Coffee Mornings’ showed that they are well and truly back in business.

Saturday mornings offer free-play, a full craft table and morning yoga with Ariadne.

For the grown-ups, there’s a pot of lovingly made hot coffee, a boiling kettle, your favourite tea bags, and a slice of cake to go with it all. (OK, the kids can have a slice too.)

Open from 10.30am, Saturday mornings at Friends Corner are a nice way for you and your little ones to start your weekend. So, come on over and share the love!

This week’s Morning Programme will catch us talking DDDinosaurs for Monday’s Letter of the Week, and seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting the Senses.

Now, because October rocks and we started it with a party, it’s only right that we end it with one too.

So, before I go, I’ve got a little save the date for you all..

Halloween Night, Saturday 31 October.

Yes, it’s time to get your costume on, switch off the lights and let the sparkling pumpkins guide your way. They’ll be Halloween cupcakes, apple bobbing, piñata, fun times and yummy treats for all.

Spooooooooooooooooky… So, yeah, save the date!

Until next time..

There are only 940 Saturdays between your child’s birth and them leaving for college..


Party Time

We’ve been having loads of fun these past few days over at the Friends Corner clubhouse.

After enjoying Shapes crafts and the like, we had apple cupcakes and apple slices to go with our Letter of the Week theme which began with ‘A’. (Why stray from the norm, eh?)

We followed that up with buzzing bees on a bright yellow beehive as we got cosy with the letter ‘B’.

And, we sang a rainbow as we enjoyed making one. Vibrant creations from our colour-loving kids.

We made music, we played games, we read stories, and we got our zen on with some wonderful yoga.

We talked about ourselves and our families, and we’re about ready to tell our pals all about our favourite things, because this week’s theme is all about Me!

And, now, it’s all about you..

So, how about you join us this Saturday 3 October from 11am

We’ll be hanging out, catching up and tantalising our tastebuds with scrumptious goodies from our Bake Stall.

Come along and enjoy the Friends Corner Welcome Party, and bring your family and friends along with you. Our door is open to all.

We’re so happy to be back into the swing of things and we think it’s only right that you get happy with us too!

See you Saturday.

Because good times are the best times.