Party Time

We’ve been having loads of fun these past few days over at the Friends Corner clubhouse.

After enjoying Shapes crafts and the like, we had apple cupcakes and apple slices to go with our Letter of the Week theme which began with ‘A’. (Why stray from the norm, eh?)

We followed that up with buzzing bees on a bright yellow beehive as we got cosy with the letter ‘B’.

And, we sang a rainbow as we enjoyed making one. Vibrant creations from our colour-loving kids.

We made music, we played games, we read stories, and we got our zen on with some wonderful yoga.

We talked about ourselves and our families, and we’re about ready to tell our pals all about our favourite things, because this week’s theme is all about Me!

And, now, it’s all about you..

So, how about you join us this Saturday 3 October from 11am

We’ll be hanging out, catching up and tantalising our tastebuds with scrumptious goodies from our Bake Stall.

Come along and enjoy the Friends Corner Welcome Party, and bring your family and friends along with you. Our door is open to all.

We’re so happy to be back into the swing of things and we think it’s only right that you get happy with us too!

See you Saturday.

Because good times are the best times.


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