Firework Fun With Friends

So, we strolled into November by fixing the ‘garden gate’ surrounded by grass and pretty little flowers, as we kicked off a fresh week with G as our Letter of the Week.

Music with Lilly, painting, sculpting, singing, dancing, Bike-Whizzing™, and bouncing about like jumping beans helped our week flow nicely.

As we looked forward to Bonfire Night and all its activities, we hosted our first afternoon Active Babies session. It left a bunch of ‘active’ babies and toddlers either more active or totally happily knackered! A resounding success, no less.

Thursday came round and as we sung; Remember, remember the fifth of November, we got together and took a yoga lesson in the ‘Jungle’…

Tiffany managed to get all our kids, plus most mums and nannies, stretching, breathing sweetly and enjoying playing animals – yoga style! Never has a yoga class been more packed!

After our happy zen session we painted firework pictures that were sprinkled with glitter, we made sparklers out of tin foil, and we all had a slice of Bonfire Cake! 

A new day dawned and alongside another brilliant yoga session, this time for our tiniest members, we got down to making some paint that actually cackled like fireworks. Paint mixed with popping candy (who knew?) made Bonfire Night come alive once more.

Then it was time to take over the Blue Room again with those Active Babies, although this time our babies and toddlers were joined by some of the older children who had as much, if not more, fun than their younger peers.

Ribbons, sparkly pom-poms, bubbles, metallic gold sheets, puppets, balls, and so many more bursts of technicolour exploded all around us, as songs were sung, jumping was jumped and smiles were smiled. Happy memories made.

And, once that was over, we had just about enough energy to make some whizzing rockets – with added trails of streamers – to really show that we mean Bonfire Night business.

With a new week on its way, there’s more to come.

We’ll be hosting H as our Letter of the Week, we’ll be taking another look at Animals in their various kingdoms as we focus on Birds, Reptiles and Fish. And, best of all, we’ll be having more fun with all our friends.

So, as another week of happy Autumn mayhem awaits, we invite you all to come on over and check it out.

Until next time..

Don’t forget to play.


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