Clubhouse Happenings 


A new week at Friends Corner is about to begin and we’ll be giving thanks and showing our gratitude as we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Activities and crafts will be geared towards a wonderful day of giving thanks.

Besides our ‘Gratitude’ week, I wanted to tell you what we’ve got going on at the Clubhouse lately.


As most of you know, our Morning Programme is guided by different themes that we explore throughout the week.

By painting, sculpting, crafts, games, stories and more, we bring our themes to life and learn through play.

Mondays host our Letter of the Week. The children look at the letter, say the sound and take part in activities and crafts that are associated with whichever Letter of the Week is at play.

But that’s not all..

We begin our Monday mornings with Mummy Yoga at 9:30. Commencing the week with this sound practice really gets the happy hormones going as Teta guides us on our mats.

Tuesdays at 11am welcome Lily and her guitar, as music fills the air and many a happy kid sings away.

Wednesday afternoons find the Clubhouse open again for Evening Club. At 5pm our ever-popular pottery workshop fires up its kiln while, at the same time – in the Blue Room, Active Babies are bouncing around to a special musical programme aimed at tiny minis (!) and toddlers alike.

Thursday mornings find us ‘back to school’ and hosting Mother & Baby Yoga at 10:30 with Alexia followed by Tiffany’s brilliant Movement & Yoga class at 11:30 – that gets everybody in the house happy.

Friday morning (11am) finds them Active Babies jigging away again, and Saturday Coffee Mornings see Ariadne guiding the 3 to 7 year olds into another zen adventure with her Kids Yoga.


All that and still there’s more..

Saturday 12 December is the day Friends Corner hosts its Christmas Bazaar and Party. Besides Father Christmas dropping by and leaving a gift or two, there’s so much fun to be had.

Our magical bazaar will offer all kinds of Christmas gifts and festive bits for you to enjoy. The Friends Corner Bake Sale will also be in full swing as it serves up some sweet, savoury and traditional Christmas treats. All washed down with juice and water (for the kids), and tea, coffee, hot chocolate and mulled wine (for me! I mean, for all you grown ups..).

So, as you can see, Friends Corner is the place to be! I rhymed!

We’ll miss you, Aristotelis and Jo-anne. Thanks for all the good times and for being part of this journey with us. *hugs*

As for you.. Join us this week as we give thanks for all the memories and friends that we have made, and those we are yet to make. And if you can’t be with us this week, we’ll be waiting for you the next.

Until next time..

So very thankful..


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