Fun Times Together

So, Thanksgiving passed by, but not without us getting together and celebrating in style. We honoured a great American tradition and gave thanks. And alongside giving thanks we all cooked up a savoury dish, put it on our buffet table and dug in. 

There were yams with maple syrup, salads of all kinds, quiche, pies, potatoes, pumpkin bread, and chicken, which we pretended was a turkey. Well, I did, anyway!

And besides being with our friends and enjoying a wonderful meal together, we also celebrated Thanksgiving by making lots of beautiful crafts. We made a Thankful Tree on which the kids (and some grown-ups) placed a leaf for the many things that we are grateful for. 

We made teepees and turkeys and beautiful cornhusks out of popcorn and card. And, importantly, we spoke of the story of Thanksgiving from all those years ago which gave rise to this wonderful tradition. 

So, another Thanksgiving is over and we look forward to a year of gratitude before the next.

Alongside our seasonal happenings, we were also busy with Yoga, Active Babies, Music with Lily, and the general happy playing that sees lots of tea-drinking by mums, dads, grandmas and nannies, and a load of whizzing, whirling and creating by our tiddlers.

And, as always, that wasn’t all. We squeezed in a field trip, where a sunny December day made for a pleasant morning at Archelon in Glyfada, the sea turtles rescue centre.

After looking around and learning a little about turtles and the great work done by all those at Archelon, it was time to hit the beach. Coffee for the grown-ups, running around on the sand for the little ones and, just like that, another beautiful memory stored.

Our Letter of the Week has been coming along nicely. After our iguanas, igloos and insects for ‘I’, ‘J’ and ‘K’ took pride of place. A beautiful jellyfish was made, jam was spread on toast and yummy yellow jelly was devoured. For ‘K’, jumping around like kangaroos, acting like kings (standard), and the making of a stunning silver key was the order of that day. We’ve got ‘L’ look out for them lazy lions.

And now, a week into December, we’ve been excitedly preparing for Christmas. With Yuletide songs, we decorated a tree, put up some lights and, of course, got the glitter box out! 

Paper chains, stars, snowflakes, cards. There’s never enough, so, alongside other fun themes, we’ll be doing Christmas crafts until Christmas Day proper!

Speaking of this special Ho-Ho-Holiday, this Saturday (December 12th) afternoon sees our clubhouse hosting the Friends Corner Christmas Bazaar and Party. Yay! Fun, fun, fun!

They’ll be stalls selling everything you need for a happy Christmas. They’ll be cakes and treats and hot and cold drinks but, most importantly, a very special guest will be there. Shhh.. We’re sweeping out our chimney as we ‘speak’!

This week our theme is World. We’ll be taking a look at countries, flags and continents, and learning a little about our brothers and sisters that live across the globe. 

And that Christmas bazaar and party we were talking about will greet us at the tail end of the week.

Join us. For everything.

Until next time..

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together

– Vincent van Gogh 


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