A Mish Mash Of Fun

We’ve been having quite a nice time at our clubhouse over the last few days. So nice that we thought it was only right to share it with you.

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Here are some snippets of what we’ve been up to..

As always, we kneaded and shaped some play dough. ‘X’ marks the spot.

To stay with the ‘X’ theme, we made X-ray’s of our hands; with great precision, might I add..



We snacked together.

And then Angelo painted himself yellow. As you do..

Ioli showed us that she’s ambidextrous..

..and Kyriakos enjoyed controlling the crane.

Yep! We did this too.

And, when we weren’t playing dress-up, we made eggs with chicks.

And Easter baskets..

Then we thought it’d be fun to have an Easter party.

Where we had an Egg & Spoon race. Well, Phoebe had an Egg & Sieve race.

We ate cupcakes!

And we began a new week by making zebras. Uh-huh.



You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Until next time..

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.. I hope you dance.


Painting A Picture

So.. Here’s the full picture..

We made dinosaurs.  A big one..  ..and some little ones..   Then we thought we’d make some volcanoes.

Some mini scientific experiment ones.. And that was loads of fun. So we made rainbows. Because rainbows take us all to our happy place.  We added water over the felt-tip markings we made. Our rainbows were as authentic as could be (on a coffee filter). We enjoyed Story Time outside..  

..and we made walruses in the sun.  Yeah. Some of us ate avocado. (Looking at you, Sophie!) And Phoebe made sheep trendy.. Active Yoga gave us our dose of zen, and got the energy flowing. And, we looked out for one another..  Come and join the magic. There’s no place like it!

Until next time..

“Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you..”