Happy News & Musings on Music

I am very pleased to open this week’s blog with happy news!

Another member has joined our Friends Corner community…Sarah I. has given birth to a baby girl!  Her name is Ophelia. She and Yiannis are thrilled, and savoring this time with their precious new daughter. I’m sure Leonidas will be a protective and sweet older brother to his new sister.

It’s been lovely to be in Sarah’s company throughout her pregnancy. We were able to share in her joys, excitement, and feelings throughout the journey; hopefully we also offered some support.  We can’t wait until our new member is ready to join us at FC.

Coincidentally, it is actually Sarah who gave me the idea for this week’s musings. This past Tuesday while Ms. Lily started setting up for the music class, she nudged my attention towards the kids. We observed the children preparing for the performance by arranging their seats close to one another, then choosing, and passing out instruments. We appreciated and took pride in their initiative and cooperative spirit.


Research confirms the many benefits of music participation for children. Our little ones improve their large and small motor skills, balance, sense of rhythm, language ability, and express emotions through musical experiences. Neuroscientists assert that children involved in music actually use more of their brain long term.

We witness these sort of physical and mental exercises each week in Ms. Lily’s class. The children explore movement through dance, discover cause and effect while using instruments, and enhance their vocabulary and sense of concepts through song lyrics.

I could go through a laundry list of how children’s brains are amplified through music education.


But I find it more special to note that in that moment, we simply celebrated the joy and tender collaboration of the kids. As we all know (sigh), toddler behavior takes much patience and understanding as children learn how to navigate their big emotions and social skills. This sustained sense of peace between the children was notable and a moment to cherish.


We will continue to admire the way our children mature and learn. Staying mindful and grateful of these sweet reprieves make the more difficult moments worth it!

Before bidding you all adieu, I must give a proper tribute to all the fathers out there. Happy Father’s Day to the Dads who shower their kids with love and are true partners in parenting. We appreciate and value you!

Comment below and share with us how you spent Father’s Day, or tell us your thoughts about music education for children.





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