Class of 2016

Well, it’s that bittersweet time of year when we say goodbye to our graduating members of Friends Corner.

Jay, Marlon, Myrto, Ioli, and Angelos are moving on to school in September. This past week marks their last few days in our clubhouse.

It is hard for me to imagine Friends Corner without these very special kiddos. They each have made their own strong and unique impression in our community.

We caregivers often consider how we influence and guide our children. Lets be mindful of everything they bring to light through our time with them.



Jay brought a bundle of energy into our playgroup! He was just about the best drummer around in music class, loved to climb (dangerously) high, and ran like the wind.  I will never forget when he came to rescue my daughter stuck in the tunnel of the swing set! Jay grew up in Friends Corner, and his presence as one of the oldest members helped make our playgroup feel like a home.



Marlon’s creativity and dramatic flair are second to none. At times he could work on an activity with such focused, quiet intensity- and the next minute he was bouncing of the walls with a new idea. He loves role playing and using his imagination. Marlon also bears an impressive amount of knowledge about animals and geography. Come visit us from England soon!



Myrto graced Friends Corner with her very gentle presence. She radiated kindness and was notably sensitive with fellow children. Every Tuesday, Myrto requested her favorite song during music class:”To Daxtilidi” (The Ring) and knew the words to all of Lily’s songs. She took great care and pride in her art projects, displaying striking creativity!



I will always remember Ioli running barefoot around Friends Corner with such sprightly energy. She has a notably inquisitive nature- she is always curious and exploring something new. Her favorite song is “koukouvagia” and Ioli is one of the best dancers in music class! She is an independent, strong, and sweet character.



Angelos’ cheery spirit truly shines through those bright blue eyes. He learned to walk in Friends Corner- holding on to the furniture at first, then soon becoming extremely agile and strong.  He enjoyed time with his best friend Leonidas speeding on bikes, climbing, and working on art projects. His sense of humor and playfulness brought a lot of fun into our play space.


Reflecting on the presence and character of these children has been a delight. We are sad to say farewell, but it is of comfort to know that they will carry the memories and sense of community with them wherever they go.

The experiences children have in their early years are incredibly important and influential. Our community is proud and privileged to have been a part of these little ones’ lives.






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