Welcome Back & Happy Autumn!

Hello dear friends and Happy Autumn!

Friends Corner is back in full swing now that summer holidays are over. The kids have been busy creating art, bike riding, enjoying music with Lily, and thriving in imaginary play.


Yesterday, our Welcome Party was a smashing success. We met many new families, and were pleased to see everyone enjoying the festivities.

There was lots of scrumptious food! I shamefully forgot to take a picture of our pastries buffet- the Victorian Sponge cake was deliciously sinful.

Sarah I. set up a lovely play dough station with a centerpiece of natural items celebrating fall: pine cones, cinnamon sticks, and yellow leaves.

The children used these materials to create unique imprints and shapes.




Vicky brought her face painting kit and made some magic.




We had lions, princesses, and miniature rainbows adding color and charm to the crowd!

And by the time the activities were over and everyone was well fed…


Well, everyone just enjoyed the space and had a blast!!





Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun and made it a special day for all.


Our new President Vicky is developing a fresh new weekly program for Friends Corner. Next week I will get into all those exciting details.

Have a lovely week everyone.



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