Exciting Developments at Friends Corner

Friends Corner has been undergoing a process of renewal in the past three months. I am pleased to share the positive and fresh developments in our community.




Over the summer, we reorganized the playroom.  We have decluttered the space and deliniated stations for arts & crafts, imaginary play, building, and special baby spots. The materials have been placed at child’s eye level to be easily accessible. This emphasizes a sense of self sufficiency and self confidence for the kiddos.

Vicki, using her skills as an early learning educator, also developed a new weekly program.

Every morning Friends Corner will begin the day with a warm welcome and song time. Some days Maria and I may bring our guitars!

On Monday, our members will lead a Messy Play class. Sensory activities are a wonderful means for children to explore senses and celebrate their natural curiosity.

Tuesday, as always, we have our beloved Music with Lily class. Lily leads an hour of singing, dancing, and musical instrument playing. My daughter asks me all week when we will see Lily again!

Wednesday is Little Picasso Day. The children will use paints and/or crafts materials to explore the theme of the week and develop fine motor skills.

I am so happy to anounce that we are bringing back Active Babies with Ioanna on Thursdays! I have never seen the kids so active and enthusiastic as when Ioanna has her class going.

We close the week on Friday with the lovely Classic Babies activity. Babies and children will use ribbon banners and other objects to add motion to classical music. This exercise stimulates neural pathways and helps children process emotion. It’s also just plain fun!

Each day the activity will be followed by Clean Up & Story Time, then Free Play.

We believe the program offers a lovely balance between some structured activity and free exploration through child-led play. And of course, plenty of moments for parents to chat and take a breather among friends!

Our committee has decided to retire the presidential hierarchy in favor of a more egalitarian system. As all parents know, availability ebbs and flows throughout the year. We aim to step up to the plate and cover for others when they are going through a rough patch…and know that the kindness will be reciprocated. This underscores the true spirit of a co-op.

I deeply appreciate the support of fellow committee Moms Vicki, Sarah, Serene, & Maria as we continue to manage a warm and happy space for children and parents alike.

Come join the fun!

P.s. The membership options have also been simplified. The Duty Membership discount still stands. Please email us at fcglyfada@gmail.com for more information.


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